Bluetooth wireless technology- maximizing use of Windows Vista's inbuilt Bluetooth features


Bluetooth technology uses radio transmissions to enable devices such as computers, printers, mice, or mobile phones to communicate wirelessly over a short distance. Some of the ways to use Bluetooth technology are:

  • To transfer files between computers or between a computer and another device
  • To print using a Bluetooth enabled wireless printer
  • To use a Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard or mouse
  • To listen to music using Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones
  • To synchronize a Bluetooth enabled personal digital assistant (PDA) to a computer or another device
  • To create a wireless connection to the Internet with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or a modem server
  • To join a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN)

After successful installation of your Bluetooth devices ie Bluetooth mobile phone, Bluetooth printer or any other Bluetooth enabled computer peripherals, make proper arrangements for passkey and encryption, if your Bluetooth device support and you really want that. Encryption features and a passkey can help to secure your data. However, these and other security measures can be compromised or fail and, if that happens, your data could be visible to or accessible by other devices or computers within range. Therefore, Bluetooth wireless technology should not be considered completely secure.
You can also Use a Bluetooth hands-free device or headphones or sync the Bluetooth devices with Windows Media Player or automatically backup your data with your devices. This is very easily done task and should take no time of yours.

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