More Nepali eBooks in the Internet

A couple of months ago we saw a new history set by Nepali literature being published on the electronic version ie eBook formats. This time it is Pandulipi Book, the publisher who has come up with more Nepali eBooks for the global readers of Nepali literature. Even though the trend for simultaneous publishing of the books and literary works on the paper based, hard cover based and the electronic formats has not yet been observed, the publishers are coming out with electronic versions of the select books.

The electronic version of Nepali books is increasing now. Ever increasing users of social media and Nepalese residing in the abroad are responsible for bringing in increase in the usage of such Nepali eBooks. However, the lack of proper integration of local payment solutions could not attract local readers, and on the other hand these ebooks are published long after the original paper back version has been released. Another sad point to Nepalese literature to go online is the inability of Nepali language/script to render in book readers and various gadgets by default.

Nepali eBooks on Internet from Pandulipi publication
Nepali eBooks on Internet from Pandulipi publication

One can now purchase, download and read the eBook digital version of various novels and literary works as:

  • Jadgish Ghimire’s “Antarmanko Yatra“,
  • Krishna Dharabashi’s “Paandulipi“,
  • Nayanraj Pandey’s “Lu“,
  • Shrawan Mukarung’s “Bishe Nagarchiko bayaan

These books are now published on website of the Pandulipi at and can be purchased online for starting price of 5.95$.

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