Ncell AppCamp 2015 ends, ‘Unnamed’ Virtual Reality game wins the Appcamp

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The second edition of Ncell App Camp – Nepal’s biggest mobile App Development Conclave, this year has finally ended. Ncell App Camp 2015 brought in great apps in four categories namely, Games and Entertainment, Health, Tourism and Utilities.

Just like previous edition, this edition of the camp has surely contributed to Nepalese appconomy by introducing not only apps but also the exposure of potential app market in Nepalese context.

Ncell App Camp 2015 Nepal
Ncell App Camp 2015 Nepal

The winners of Nepal’s biggest mobile App Development Conclave, Ncell App Camp 2015, will be announced on Tuesday. One winner each from four categories—Games and Entertainment, Health, Tourism and Utilities— will be declared and there will be a grand prize winner from among the four winners.

Winners of Ncell App Camp 2015

Grand winner: Unnamed, Virtual Reality based first person 3D survival horror game, Team lead: Sheetal Kumar Maharjan.

Category winners:

Games & Entertainment: Unnamed (VR)

Health: Skin Consult

Tourism: PinPeaks

Utilities: Nidarr

Earlier, 150 teams were selected from total of 738 ideas and went a series of training and seminars to develop their app ideas and prepare a working prototype of their app called Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The 24 teams were selected on the basis of pre-announced criteria: importance of problem the app aimed to solve, the app’s business potential, its global scalability, and how the teams could articulate and present their ideas.

Ncell App Camp is continuation of Ncell’s CSR initiative launched in 2014, aiming to provide opportunities for young talents to apply their creativity for developing innovative solutions. Nabil Bank, Kathmandu College of Management, e-Sewa and MetLife are partners of the Ncell App Camp 2015.

The best team in each of the four categories (Games and Entertainment, Health, Tourism and Utilities) wins a cash prize of Rs 250,000 and a grand winner from among them wins an additional cash prize of Rs 500,000 and an opportunity to participate in an international event in 2016.

Finalists of the Ncell App Camp 2015

Each of the finalist and winner of the App Camp app project winners (individual award amount being NPR 250,000) are:

  1. Games and Entertainment category: Ancients of Mandala, Arcube Games, Flipped, Lishn, Unnamed (VR) and Up
  2. Health: Hamro Hospital, Mero Health, Mumma-Care, Naari, Skin Consult and Tele Medic
  3. Tourism category: Food Nepal, Nepali Coders/ Arts & Crafts, PinPeaks, Thingsle, Trail It and Travel Auctioneer
  4. Utilities category: 8 Byte/ Ghum Gham, Bulletin Board (Quiddity), Drop Me  Here-my Cab, Nidarr, NTyles, Pangraz
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