Finally, New Facebook Lite Launced!


Hey slower connectors, get up finally lighter version of Facebook (FB) is up now! The fastest way to keep in touch- as it says. Facebook Lite makes it easy to share your life with your friends and family.

Facebook Lite for Slow Internet Countries like Nepal
Facebook Lite for Slow Internet Countries like Nepal

However, the site is really Lite meaning there are no crunches to be dealt with and it look sobered. Even FB team have no time to put a privacy or language selector drop down menu on the footer. SO, we here at, like to call Facebook lite ‘Facebook with no footer’ this is a justified statement.
All for slow Internet connections and aimed for India (US- who cares when bandwidth is laaarge), a stripped-down, clean interface for Facebook that loads fast and lets you do quick updates on slow Internet connections: Facebook Lite was almost tailor-made for the general Indian population write one of the popular India tech mag.
According to TechCrunch three of the best parts of the new service:
  • An ‘Events’ tab has been added to the top toolbar, which is much nicer than Facebook Proper, where events are buried in a sub-section
  • Also along the top, just above the Feed, is a way to “View Top Stories” as opposed to those listed in order
  • You’ll also see that current and upcoming birthday for your contacts are at the top of the Feed.
Try FB lite today!

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