Tired of News feed in Facebook Homepage?


Are you tired of seeing  News feed and Live feed on your Facebook homepage? Farmville, Mafia war and lousy quiz feed aren’t your type? Here is a simple trick to replace News feed with any other choices like Status Updates, Photos and other Facebook element.
Here is a example of replacing News Feed with Status Updates. You can do it for other list in the same way.
Go to your Facebook homepage and click on the “more” on the left hand side and allow it to expand to show the full list.


Then,  put the cursor above  the list which you want to make it appear on the homepage.(Do not double click)Facebook (3) After that, simply drag it and drop it at the top.

Facebook (5)That’s it.

For iPhone, launch the application.

iphone facebook techsansarTap  News Feed and then at the top right you will see News Feed again.Tap it.Then at the bottom of the page you will see your lists poping up.Choose one of them.

Facebook iphoneAfter that don’t forget to tap “done” on the top right of the page.All set. Don’t you think it’s pretty simple.

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