Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Program 2018

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Fusemachines– an  AI company based in Kathmandu, Nepal is making Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone through education, software, and services. The company is launching an exclusive “Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Program” aimed to give fundamental AI courses to 10,000 scholars worldwide.

fuse.ai is an online learning plaform which is an initiation to help the aspiring AI learners to prepare for a career in the AI affiliated fields. Not only in career of IT but in all lines of work basic AI knowledge will be compulsory. So join fuse.ai to learn about AI from the range of basic to advanced AI related courses.


Fusemachines Inc. presents, Fusemachines AI Scholarship, for a selected number of candidates. This is an exclusive offer that provides 10,000 seats to the applicants. Courses in this scholarship include essential concepts of AI such as Statsmodel, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Deep Learning and Keras. All the contents of this course is sponsored by Fusemachines.

Fusemachines Inc., adhering to democratize AI mission, is working on production of AI solutions through education and service. More than 100 highly qualified engineers are currently working with Fusemachines to build sophisticated AI systems.


  • Anyone over 18 years old.
  • Preference to students of Computer Science and Technology.



  • Purely based on application strength


By providing quality education, fuse.ai serves as a sturdy platform in the international mission of democratizatioon of AI. Our main concern is to provide learning opportunities for those who are looking to gain basic to advanced knowledge of AI and its sub categories. We aim to bring the education to wider range of population across the globe.


  •  Exclusive contents
  • Resources from Columbia university
  • Active guidance
  • A part global AI community

For details, visit or contact fuse|machines.

Press release : fuse.ai

fuse.ai to start the Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence Scholarship for aspiring AI learners

Fusemachines Inc. brings Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence Scholarship, to support AI learners and enthusiasts to take their first step towards a career in AI. This scholarship program is supported by fuse.ai, an online learning platform focused on AI education. This is an exclusive program that offers 10,000 seats to the applicants that will go through a careful screening process.

The course included in this scholarship is set to get the students through introductory phase of the knowledge of AI and its sub categories. This is not a degree from a school or university, but from a company (Fusemachines) and will be useful to pursue a career in the field of machine learning. The scholarship application is open for anyone (over 18 years old), with preference given to those with an educational background in Computer Science and Mathematics.

To apply for this scholarship, you simply need to sign up with fuse.ai and follow the instructions. The scholarship offers hands-on experience in a wide range of AI techniques from machine translation to robotics. Students will be encouraged to design their own projects that must address real-life situations and social issues using concepts and theories of ML and AI.

Application for the scholarship will be open with the official launch of fuse.ai on September 10th. Deadline for the application is on October 5th and on November 2nd the names of selected applicants will be announced. The classes officially start from November 12th with a duration of 3 months. Applicants should be prepared to invest about 5 to 10 hours per week to complete the course. All the contents of the course, are paid by Fusemachines and will take place completely online so applicants can attend from any location they choose.

Fusemachines Inc., is a company whose main focus is the production of AI solutions through education and service.100+ highly qualified data engineers and machine learning engineers are working with Fusemachines to build sophisticated AI systems. The teams of engineers work from different locations such as Kathmandu, New York and Canada to contribute in the global mission of democratizing AI.

This initiative is dedicated to those who either simply want to learn the real-world application of ML and AI or want to pursue a career in the field. If these criteria’s match your career trajectory, fuse.ai is the platform you need. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for those aspiring to have a successful career in AI and ML. Anyone looking to gain valuable knowledge about AI technology is encouraged and welcome to join fuse.ai and apply for the Fusemachines AI Scholarship.

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