How to check SEE 2018 result?

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There are multiple ways to check SEE ( Secondary Education Examination, previously called SLC – School Leaving Certification) exam result that was held in 2075 Chaitra. The result can be checked immediately after announced by the OCE (Office of Controller of Examinationa) and MOE (Ministry of Education).

Method 1. Ncell SMS for SEE Result

Just type your symbol number and send an SMS to 1600. You will receive a response from Ncell stating your GPA. Cost per SMS Rs 5 including taxes.

Method 2. Ncell Mobile App for SEE Result

You can download Ncell Mobile app to view the result for free. Download app from Android play store or Apple iOS app store.

Method 3. NTC IVR Users for SEE Result

All NTC users can dial 1600 to listen to their SEE 2018 result. You will need to provide your symbol number once in IVR. Cost Rs 0 per minute.

Method 4. SEE Result Websites

SEE exam result can be viewed along with GPA and individual subject can be viewed from various websites and web portals:

Enjoy your SEE Result 2018.

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