List of Helpline Numbers for Nepal Telecom Customer Services [Free and Paid]

28 16,963

Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. (Nepaliनेपाल दूरसञ्चार कम्पनी लिमिटेड), popularly known as Nepal Telecom (Nepaliनेपाल टेलिकम) is state owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal with 85% of the government share. The company was a monopoly until 2003, when the first private sector operator UTL started providing basic telephony services. The central office of Nepal Telecom is located at Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu. It has branches, exchanges and other offices in 184 locations within the country. – via wiki.

Here is a short list of helpline numbers for Nepal Telecom Customer Services and help assistance. Some of them are free of cost while calling and some will charge.

S.N Number Charge Description

For Normal Telephone Customers (PSTN)

1 197 Free For normal inquiry of Telephone numbers
2 1425 Budget Call (Low charge International Calls)
3 1445 Budget Call (Low charge International Calls)

For IPVR assistance and services

4 188 Free To register VOIP Calls complains
5 198 Free To register complains of ADSL and PSTN
6 1600 Rs. 1 per 20 sec To inquiry results of SLC Examinations
7 1601 Rs. 1 per 20 sec To inquiry results of HSEB Examinations
8 1602 Rs. 1 per 20 sec To inquiry results of TU Examinations
9 1605 Rs. 1 per 20 sec Value Added Services Help assistance
10 1606 Local Call To inquiry bills of PSTN Telephone lines
11 1607 PSTN: Local CallMobile:AirTime To inquiry PUK number of GSM and CDMA mobile numbers.

For IN services and assistance

12 1424 Budget Call (Low charge International Calls)
13 1650 Free For management and call of EasyCall (Prepaid Calling Cards)
14 1660 Free Toll Free Services
15 1680 Free To register or call from PSNT call limit services
16 1681 Free For management of PSTN Call Limit Service
17 1698 Free Helpline and Customer Care of IN Services

Voice Mailbox Service (VMS) Help and Assistance

18 1610 Local: FreeMobile:Airtime To listen to Voice mails remotely from Landlines and mobile phones
19 1614 Free To transfer calls of Voice mails
20 1615 Rs.1 per minute To leave voice message to voicemails without making calls
21 1616 Free To listen voice mails and messages directly

Notice Board Services

22 1610 Local: FreeMobile:Airtime To record from notice board message indirectly
23 1616 Free To record from notice board message directly
24 1618 Local: Rs 1Mobile:Airtime To listen to notice board messages

GSM Services Help and Assistance

25 1400 Rs.1 per SMS To inquiry PUK number through SMS
26 1414 Free For management of GMS Prepaid
27 1455 Free To register for PRBT through SMS
28 1498 Free Customer care of GMS Mobiles
29 1609 Rs.3 per minute To register and buy CRBTs via IPVR
30 *400# Free For balance and validity inquiry of GSM Prepaid mobiles
31 *411# Free To recharge GSM prepaid mobiles
32 *422# Free To transfer balance from GSM prepaid mobile
33 011614 Free To transfer calls to Voice Mail Box
34 011616 Rs1 per message To listen to messages in Voice Mail Box

CDMA Service Help and Assistance

35 191 Free Customer Care Help desk of CDMA
36 1401 Rs1 per SMS To inquiry balance of CDMA via SMS
37 1415 Free To listen to balance inquiry via voice
38 1615 Free To leave message to Voice Mail box directly
39 1616 Free To listen to Voice mail box message
40 1611 Free To listen to Voice mail box message indirectly (Central DR)
41 1612 Free To listen to Voice mail box message indirectly (Eastern DR)
42 1617 Free To listen to Voice mail box message indirectly (Western DR)
Note: Above charges are exclusive of tax.

This table will be updated frequently if we get new number, you can also help us to complete the list by adding missed number via commenting below.

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  1. Harrish D says

    I’ve been living in Nepal (Kathmandu) for few years now, but found Nepal Telecom has one worst kind of customer care service. In fact they don’t have any customer care apart from visiting their offices which then are way much crowded and helpdesk people rude.

    1498 is the customer care number for their mobile phones, but any one got success with that number. It is either busy or “all circuits busy” message every time, I tried continuously for a week, at least 3 times a day – different times obviously, but never got any support.

    If this is the status of the state owned Telco, then we can imagine how much customers are into this thing called “trouble”. Telecom people must have known this issue but who cares, after all its a government facilities.

    Anyone succeeded with 1498, yet? Anytime sooner?

    1. Aastha Rani Shrestha says

      I tried more than 10 times and finally ring lagyo. Worst worst customer care service.

  2. amrit says

    There is no one people to listen our word….recharge card pin number is very smooth…no network for costumer care service….

    1. Cosmos says

      U r right man. It has the worst customer care service. Even i tried 1498, but it is engage everytime.

  3. Aakash gupta says

    it so giving troubling to recharge

  4. Celine says

    I got a call and my landline does not have a caller id !! How can I know what was that number I got a call form ?? ?

  5. gopi krishna says

    how can I usaed wi fi in my home….and what is the cost…

  6. Grishma says

    I recharged Rs.500 the day before and without doing anything it became Rs.34.82 and there is no customer help desk. 1498 is useless ?Is NTC looting our money?

    1. Cosmos says

      Looks like that.

  7. Ananda Ram Paudel says

    मेरो 9851233303 नम्बरको मोवाइलमा चैत्र ३० गते रु.५०० रिचार्ज गरेको थिएँ। गोष्ठी, सेमिनार, बैठकहरुमा सहभागि हुनुपरेकोले खासै कल गर्न भ्याएको थिइन। हिजो बैशाख २ गते राति १० वजे एउटा छोटो मेसेज पठाउनलाग्दा गएन। “One Way Bar (Accounting)” भन्यो। #400 मा कल गर्दा रु.१८०० ड्यु छ पो भन्छ। छक्कै परें। कुनैपनि हालतमा हुनैनसक्ने र हुनैनपर्ने यो के भाउँतो आइलाग्यो ? भनेर राति सुतें। बिहान उठेर मोवाइल खोल्दा, “Disable One Way Bar (Accounting) has been removed” भन्यो। तर, भर्खर २ दिन अघि मात्र रिचार्ज गरेको रु.५०० मा रु.३०० गायब गरिएको छ। लौ न, छानबिन गरिपाउँ। यो अचम्म मात्र हैन अचाक्लि नै भयो। Ananda Ram Paudel \ Mobile Number: 9851233303.

    1. Team TechSansar says

      आनन्दजी, के तपाईले NTC ले हालै प्रकाशित गरेको यो सूचना पढ्नुभयो?
      नेपाल टेलिकमको GSM Post Paid सेवाको बिलिंग सम्बन्धमा प्राय: सोधिने प्रश्नहरु (Frequently asked questions FAQs on NTC Post paid billing)

      तपाइँले रिचार्ज गरेको रु ५००, तपाईको फोनको पुरानो डिउ मा समायोजन भएको जस्तो लग्यो|
      कृपया नजिकै को NTC अफिस वा १९८० मा फोन गरेर पनि तपाईको इस्सु थापा पाउन सक्नुहुन्छ|

  8. Ananda Ram Paudel says

    हिजो बिहान गुनासो लेखेको थिएँ। माथि यथावत छ। तर, उपरोक्त गुनासो सुनुवाई भएन। कुनै रेस्पोन्स आएन।
    Ananda Ram Paudel \ Mobile Number: 9851233303.

  9. NIRANJAN says

    I hadn’t used my postpaid Sim fir quite long period. I paid Rs 1400 and got credit amount of Rs 98.But my calls are still restricted. 1980 doesn’t work. Any help….

  10. Saymas limbu says

    Kripaya yo customer care ko manxe josle phn uthaunu hunxa …plz learn some manners . Customer haru lai kasari treat garnu parxa vanne thaha xaina??? Im extremly angry for them who pick up help line .they need to slove our problem.kati saro hepna sakeko..phn uthaudai kat dinxa yaar .nepal telecom plz do some action .??????

  11. Rachita says

    I don’t know if something’s wrong with the system, but my balance is being cut off for no reason. I had urgent business so I have had to buy 5 recharge cards in total today. The balance was being cut off rapidly. So, on my fourth recharge, I checked my balance before calling, I had Rs. 50 total. I made a call, I was left with 48.something. Then I tried to make another, then it said your balance is low, so I rechecked my balance and boom! Rs. 0. Similar situation on my fifth attempt, Rs 32.something to Rs 0. The same situation with my mom’s number. And the customer care number isn’t working. This is very disappointing. I have been using NTC for so many years. Please fix this quick. I can’t keep getting another recharge card every 5 minutes.

  12. Prapti Giri says

    Yesterday i recharge 500 rs and today without doing anything my balnc is rs 1.67 what is this?I tied to contact with customer care bt it doesnot connect what is this?I want my balnc anyhow

  13. Asmit says

    I am trying to unsub from caller tune it says error every time it takes my money every time i dont like this if ntc doesnot tklake action i will find u and i will kill u kamnalauni thag

  14. kumar mishra says

    My number is 9842668166 from this number I unable to send sms what is the reason? oncc i delete the message center number please send me message center no .

    1. Ekendra Lamsal says

      Short Message service center for Nepal’s GSM cellular operators
      Nepal Telecom (NTC) SMS Center Number: +9779851028801
      Ncell SMS Center Number: +9779800009000

  15. Anjan Adhikari says

    I have recharged adsl by esewa Nrs.1500 but date have not extend. I have bill of esewa . no.089430223

    1. Ekendra Lamsal says

      You need to contact eSewa Customer Support

      Toll Free No: 1660-01-02121
      Email: [email protected]
      Viber No: 9868842121

      1. Indira Thapa says

        I got a mobile no 9866876081 while looking for customer service of NTC and tried to call many times, but the phone was not received. When called again and again, the call was rejected.
        Why do you provide the numbers for public (saying that they are for customer help) in case you are not to make any responses or in case, you get irritated to hear any phone calls ?

  16. sajan shahi says

    lyk 2 weeks back I recharged and bought voice calls by now it only shows the seconds left but when I try to call it tells recharge ….then my 550 voice call for 2 months validity is gone …plz do something about it …give wat u bring for costumer rather than troubling…
    mob no. 9861765363

  17. Trilochan says

    I recharged Rs. 100 two/three days ago and It deduce to rs. 2.17 without doing anythings.
    CCC replied me to call at 7:00 pm as system is under maintanance.

  18. Romance Kandel says

    Its been a week I tried to complain the problem, not a single customer care picks the fucking phone. Probably the worst customer care ever in the history of human existence.

  19. Cmran says

    Ek jana lw Malai misscall garya garai garxa tyo chai kasle garya raixa tha pauna mildaina???

  20. Prazn says

    My call is restricted .please kindly open my phone.9851213852

  21. Arbna says

    Yo balance navayesi call messages restrict gardine system least call aaune ta hunu paryo..what is this yar kaile manxe ka hunxa k aapat parira hunxa call restrict vandinxa..WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! Ajha customer care ma jaile busy. Hawa

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