NTC ADSL services . It's all over : Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Itahari, Nepalgunj, Bharatpur …. Where not? :- POKHARA

After Successful commercialization of ADSL service in Kathmandu valley and Bharatpur, NT is now launching broadband services in the Biratnagar, Nepalgunj and Bhairahawa from 2066-06-01.
The operational exchanges in Biratnagar Region
1. Biratnagar
2. Tinpaini
3. Tanki
4. Itahari
5. Dharan
6. Itahari
7. Rani
The operational exchanges in Nepalgunj Region
1. Nepalgunj
2. Karkando
3 Kohalpur
Nepal Telecom launched ADSL service in Chitwan district from 5 Bhadra 2066.
The service will be available in the following exchange area in Chitwan:
1. Bharatpur
2. Sangamchowk
3. Tandi
4. Gaidakot
5. Parsa
6. Bhandara
7. Rampur
8. Sauraha
Distribution is opened in Bharatpur, Sangam Chowk , Gaidakot and Tandi from 2066.5.5

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