Top Ten Features of Windows 8 [Infographics]

Windows 8, a new beginningLast year on September (see our coverage), Microsoft released the preview Windows 8 – a next generation touch-UI-focused Windows operating system. It is currently available for download on developer build. Since the new year 2012 has just come; this new OS is also slated for release this year. We present here top interesting features of the new Windows 8, infographics by

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Top ten features of Windows 8 - Infographics
Top ten features of Windows 8 – Infographics
Interesting and unique features of Windows 8

  1. Windows To Go: Windows 8 is bootable from USB device, so called Live USB, which we have seen for Linux years ago. However, one interesting feature is that Live USB of Windows8 also retains user’s programs, settings and files.
  2. Windows Store: So users gonna purchase and download apps from their apps store huhhh (similar to Apple’s App Store), will this check pirated softwares?
  3. Metro Style UI: One of the sexiest user interface ever build by Microsoft. If you have been using Metro Twit App, then you might already experience the interactivity coupled with simplicity in Windows 8’s most uncluttered UI. We will be experiencing with tiles, substitute for icons.
  4. Security got better (?): Sadly people hardly believe on security aspect of Microsoft’s Windows. Windows Defender, however, is supposed to give a better security in Windows 8. Wait and see state of computation.
  5. Internet Explorer 10: While the market share of IE as an internet browser has been decreasing; Windows 8 will feature IE 10 by default. Good feature with Internet Explorer 10 is that it will have better CSS3, HTML5, and hardware acceleration improvements. Also acid performance is supposed to be higher like in IE 9. But will people love Internet Explorer 10 (like they din’t with IE9), the question remains to be seen.
  6. Rocketed Booting: Turn ON and use the PC with lightening speed using Windows 8’s new addition, the Protogon file system (What is Protogon file system?). We have observed the faster booting time of less than 13 seconds in Windows 8’s developer build.
  7. Apps always ON: Apps are always on without having to shave off resources, eliminating time spent on launching; let’s hope they consume optimized or least computing resources in Windows 8 platform.
  8. Minimal RAM: So, how much memory (RAM) does Windows 8 need? Absolutely, no need to panic, run Windows 8 with less than 300 Mb RAM thru a better resource handling and management system.
  9. Single Platform: Windows 8 OS is supposed to be used in all platforms available today. Windows 8 runs equally on desktop, laptop, tablet, slate devices and mobile phones; just ARM and x86 microprocessors are supported again!
  10. Integrated Social Networking and Cloud: You can use Facebook and Twitter inside the Windows 8 because of integrated social networking in it. Plus Windows Live Service’s Cloud service, Sky Drive, is also supposed to get integrated into Windows 8. This will put Windows 8 into cloud.
    What you say? Share your views about Windows 8 even tho’ the release date of Windows 8 is yet to be fixed within year 2012.


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