Free Windows 8 Pro License Key [Giveaway]

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Windows 8 LogoWindows 8 Pro has launched. If some of you still don’t know much about Windows 8, its Microsoft’s new interactive operating system. Windows 8 is designed mainly for touchscreen PCs and tablets, besides that it also runs smoothly on non-touch PCs and give new experience of tablet like OS in your Desktop Computers.

That’s right; to celebrate the launch of Windows 8 we’re giving away three copies of Windows 8 Professional with genuine keys, to our lucky reader.

To let you know, this is not our first time, we have been conducting many Giveaways to our readers, last time we also conducted Fever Wired Interactive LED Mouse Giveaway in occasion of Techsansar’s 4th year anniversary. Now this is your chance to win.

If you’ve read our coverage of Windows 8 and you love what you’re seeing, this is your opportunity to win. It’s easy to enter, just comment on this post with why you love Windows 8, and we’ll randomly select winners on Friday, 7th December

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Read more about Windows 8


Terms of Conditions for Windows 8 Pro Giveaway

Read this quick terms of conditions for Windows 8 Pro License Giveaway from Team TechSansar. In case of disputes and confusions, the decision of Team will be final.

  • Free giveaway includes a copy of the Windows 8 Pro 64-bit genuine key. It does not include the bootable media or file. You can always download a copy of Windows 8 evaluation copy and supply your genuine key.
  • The winners will receive a copy of Windows 8 in the post a few short days later. Multiple comments don’t qualify, so please only enter once.
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  1. Nina says

    I need it very much. Thanks 🙂

  2. J says

    This is a great opportunity.

  3. Anup Adhikari says

    i love windows 8 because of it’s new UI

  4. Simmy Rae says

    Can We get that too? I am form India, Mumbai

  5. Anish Neupane says

    I like the Windows 8 but its Does not Support Kaspersky

    1. Team says

      Actually, you won’t need any third party antivirus system in Windows 8. Windows 8 has its own Windows Defender feature that works much as antivirus software. You can find Windows Defender Tool in Control Panel, Read more about Windows 8 here

      1. Ma Nepali Anup says

        A windows PC actually requires a good antivirus; Windows Defender is just a spyware. But, yeah, Microsoft has a free antivirus known as Microsoft Security Essentials ready to be downloaded in its site. But it’s popular to “not be able to” catch some well known malwares. I have Windows 8 Pro WMC installed in my system and I’m using AVG free antivirus and it works amazingly good.

        1. Daniel Djang says

          No antivirus is perfect, I dont trust AVG either sadly!

    2. Ma Nepali Anup says

      You need to get fresh updated version of your antivirus.

    3. Yaman Singh Rana says

      windows 8 needs new version of antivirus ,which version you have? it is AVG-2012 or later,Kaspersky-2012or later,Avast 2013 etc.

  6. punit ratna shakya says

    like windows 8 because of its boot time and able to run apps

  7. Jay says

    I like Windows 8 new radical features and touch interface which is forward looking and great for future computing.

  8. prof_1945 says

    thank you for this giveaway

  9. md says

    i want it

  10. Sebastian Guła says

    I’m not really convinced to Windows 8 to buy it, so I’ll at least enter this giveaway.

  11. rufus says

    Excellent for touch devices and hats off to Techsansar for organizing this comp.

  12. DumbDude says

    I love windows 8 because I love Microsoft and because of Microsoft i’m able to write this comment… 🙂

    I hope I win 😀

  13. Sujan Baidhya says

    dude, have haeard a lot backdraws about it.Like forcing on tablet look.Lets check it.Hope mahabouda will soon privide it…..ha ha

  14. Binamra Bhatta says

    i’ve tried the release preview version but wasn’t quite convinced coz the switchable graphics was an issue,anyways i would like to check this giveaway.

  15. Gracie Josephine D'Souza says

    Windows 8 is better than windows 7 in every way. After my son gave me his laptop with windows8 on it, I wanted it installed on mine too. I don’t miss the start menu one bit.

  16. ibhecks says

    I really envy my friends who have this OS on their computer, this is my chance to be able to get Windows 8, I hope I’m lucky, thank you very much for this great giveaway

  17. pradeep rai says

    Windows 8 FTW!!

  18. felipe mundia jr says

    great os i love it!!!!!!!!! this is now my favorite… lot of features… computer make it easy with this windows 8

  19. Guest says

    i love start menu…internet explorer 10 much better…..

  20. Rajan Malla says

    I love the new interface in windows 8.

  21. Sabin Bajracharya says

    I am currently using windows 8 RTM on my desktop and i love everybit of it, but its just 90 days evaluation copy and only 24 days left to activate… so i need the key so bad! But the tablet ui looks a liitle ugly in non widescreen monitors..

    I also have a laptop running windows 7, if i get the keys can i use it to activate both pc and laptop? I think its a straight no but just asking.

    Also i know a way to activate windows 8 pro through widows media center key which microsoft are providing for free until feb 2013 but i dont want to support piracy.

    1. Yaman Singh Rana says

      If you want to activate windows 8 lifetime you need lifetime key,which provides only microsoft corporation,if your college has been joined with micrisoft you can cantact with college’s MSP.if you found key from internet which don’t work because it is already been blocked.

  22. Marvin Flores says

    i like windows 8 and more power features

  23. Ma Nepali Anup says

    The best thing about Windows 8 that I like is that iexplore is soooo sexy now and Windows 8 Pro has good backward compatibility with Windows 7; actually once the desktop is opened it feels like Windows 7. But for the part that start button is missing, I prefer to press “window” key and then start typing name of my program and launch it. 🙂

  24. ashim rajbhandari says

    willing to see how much it is compatible…

  25. Metatronz says

    I really love it!

  26. Hardik says

    I love windows 8 for its new interface, and attractive tiles

  27. Omar Berrayti says

    I love it for it’s design 🙂

  28. Daniel Djang says

    Windows 8 is perfect, but still need lot of polishing. I have been testing Windows 8 but now I need the key, thanks for the giveaway -hoping at least 🙂

  29. Sebastian Guła says

    So who have won the giveaway?

    1. luzan says

      We have published Winners name of Windows 8 Special Giveaway. please follow the link

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