Top lacking features in Windows 8

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Windows 8 is another highly anticipated Operating System (OS) from Microsoft, after Windows 7 which is the current OS. Windows 7 is the most popular OS (53.7% global users) right now according to W3 School’s statistics. Windows 8 is the successor of Windows 7 which has a Hybrid-type Kernel and supports major platforms IA-32, x86-64 and ARM processor architectures. Consumer preview of Windows 8 is already out and the retail version are predicted to be out at Q4 of this year.  Even the recent announcements of Microsoft Surface revealed that Microsoft Windows 8 is a great OS. However, there are many great features Windows 8 is lacking. Here we collect top lacking features of Windows 8 which we have been seeing or using in Windows 7 and previous versions.

Great Features Windows 8 is Lacking

[su_box title=”Know the new features of Windows 8″ color=”#333333″]Windows 8 has been written from the scratch to have a brand new computing experience for users. Please, read the top brand new features of Windows 8 before reading below the lacking features in Windows 8.[/su_box]

1.Start Menu

The start menu has been removed hidden. Many people think the start menu in Windows 8 is removed but in fact it is hidden and with a little trick (pressing Windows Orb icon) reveals Windows 8 Start Menu.

2. Modified Toolbar

The menu bar and command bar (toolbar) in Windows 8’s Windows Explorer have been removed and replaced by the Ribbon. Were were acquainted with the modified toolbar in Windows 7 that we could become habituated for Windows 8? Well, there was a way out btw.

3. Some themes removed

Maybe another good thing Microsoft removed from Windows 8 is obsolete themes. Windows Basic and Windows Classic themes have been removed from the theme repository in Windows 8’s customization and personalization. (Read: How to enable hidden themes in Windows 7 & 8?)

4. No DVD Playback Support

One of the saddest features Windows 8 will be lacking is no default support for DVD playback. This means you cannot play DVD and Bluray movies in your Windows 8 computer (however Windows 8 Professional and above will support DVD playback.) Microsoft reported that they have removed the codec to playback DVD and bluray from Windows 8 OS in order to reduce the retail price of the OS. (Read: FAQs on DVD playback and Windows Media Center in Windows 8 from official MSDN blog.)

5. Dead Windows DVD Maker

Windows 8 will certainly be amputated with no default Windows DVD maker included. Included in Windows 7 and Vista, Windows DVD Maker could turn your digital memories in a DVD-video disc. Windows DVD makers let you create a DVD quickly, complete with professional-looking menus, a scene selection page, and even a slide show with music.

6. Where is the shortcut for Aero Peek in Windows 8?

We too have been asking the same question ever since we were playing with Windows 8 developer preview was out. The keyboard shortcut for Aero Peek has been removed from Windows 8. While Aero Peek might have been very useful and obvious feature for many users, it is still unnoticed by many.

7. Lack of Manageability in ARM Devices

What does lacking manageability in Windows 8 ARM devices mean? Well, for basic users it is simply no special issue. But for those high end apps develop and manufacturer, they will have restricted and limited access to manage and configure their apps in ARM Windows 8. You must have already known that Windows 8 is the single OS for all type of platform from ARM to 86x, 64x to IA-32.

8. Windows 8 Bootloader

Were you on dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu (or any other OS/Linux)? Alas, Windows 8 has its own bootloader which eats up all the configuration set by your previous operating system. So, if you have lost option to boot your Ubuntu after installing Windows 8, don’t panic it is the new feature of Windows 8, but sadly many of us won’t like it. However, there is a little trick using which you can create a dual boot options between Ubuntu and Windows 8 loader. Again, Windows 8 loader includes all the options to start up Windows OSes say Windows 7 and Windows 8 dual boot options.

Which more great features is Windows 8 lacking? Share us your findings and lets discuss.

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  1. Olivier says

    If features of Windows 8 doesn’t entertain users, then Microsoft will fall in the ditch!

  2. Ekendra says

    I think the default bootloader of Windows 8 is the crappiest feature of Windows 8 which overwrites all previous settings of dual/multi boot capabilities.

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