Lower upgrade price & a large array of multilingual options will make Windows 8 a hit

Windows 8 Logo
Windows 8 Logo

We are seeing gradual increment in a number of features and promotions that Windows 8 will hit market at large. The recent announcement of the lower upgrade price for existing Windows 7 and Windows XP users is considered as a highly effective scheme from the Microsoft. The upgrade scheme of mere 14.99$ for a newly purchased Windows 7 PC and 39.99$ (nearly NRs 3,400) for users of Windows 7 is a big attraction. This lower upgrade price and inclusion of a large array of multilingual LIP options are seen as potential to make Windows 8 a hit.

We have realized a gradual improvement in boot speed time, and performance since Windows 8 Developer, Consumer and the Release Previews. Now Windows 8 goes multilingual with 14 new languages from Windows 7 which makes Windows 8 to lead market with total of 109 different languages. Microsoft are also going to include UK English in Windows 8 as well. With these additional languages, Microsoft hopes to cater for over 4.5 billion people.

This support of additional languages and cost free switching from one language option to the other (which was enabled since Windows 7) has been receiving a good response from reviewers like us. Users will be able to switch between all the different language packs, quickly and easily. There will be one central control panel which will let you easily see which LIP (Language Interface Packs) are available for your machine and then you’ll be able to download the ones that you need.

We Nepalese Windows 8 users wait while Microsoft Market Development Partner in Nepal come up with Windows 8 Nepali Language Interface Pack (LIP) soon; like the one we used Windows 7 in Nepali language.

To enroll your self into Windows Upgrade Offer and buy a Windows 7 PC and get Windows 8 Pro for $ 14.99, visit Microsoft’s official Windows Upgrade Offer website.

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