Mobile Operators in Nepal : FAQs

Here are few Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Operators in Nepal. Most of these are answered by independent persons working on Techno-Telecom area, even inside the Telecom offices.

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QnA about Nepalese Telco

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Why does my mobile hangs when dropping a call? In fact a call can’t be successfully dropped, specially at evening during peak hours.
Ans: Probably, neither Ncell nor NTC’s guys can’t assist you on this. This is because of their network’s fault on the one hand (most cases) and on the other hand it’s your handset (rare cases).
Hand Off (HO) is not completed due to network signal problems in mobile service providers. Ncell beats Nepal Telecom on this matter. Try making a Ncell call at 7 PM to experience this work of HO.
How to sign up to send SMS in Ncell?
AnsDial the number from your mobile phone to get a password (for the first time dial 9005 to set your password). Now go to this link, and get logged in with the phone number and password just created.
Can I send text messages (SMS) in Nepali languages?
Ans: If your mobile device supports Unicode (Nepali), then you can send it in Nepali Unicode. Remember that the recipient also need to have Unicode enabled hand set to read the SMS in Nepali language.
Which is the cheapest data/ internet service (GPRS, EDGE, 3G) in mobile in Nepal?
Ans: Ncell takes NRs 6 per MB approx wheareas NTC charges NRs 4 for the same size of data. You visualize this rate, Ncell seems to be going foreigner type…
Suggested reading: NCell’s with new scheme on its data tariff
What can I do to connect internet in my PC or Laptop from CDMA of NTC and UTL?
Ans: See, the same question for GSM service.
External link: Connect to internet using CDMA or GSM Mobile Phones- Spice Mobile D88n/gold
How to send SMS in UTL numbers of Nepal?
Ans: If you are asking about Web SMS (internet to your UTL phone), then there is no such provision now. Since UTL is operating on CDMA based technology, it is generally harder to send SMS to UTL than to GSM services of Ncell and NTC.
How to send free SMS to Ncell and Nepal Telecom (NTC) mobiles?
Ans: See our article on Free SMS to Nepal, WebSMS to Ncell, Nepal Telecom
How to connect your PC to internet using Ncell (MeroMobile) or NTC GPRS, EDGE or even 3G?
Ans: One way is to connect thru Bluetooth. Ensure you’re mobile device is Bluetooth enabled and is ON. Now make your laptop or desktop (having bluetooth receiver enabled) sync with your mobile phone. To link your mobile phone to the laptop via Bluetooth, go to Bluetooth settings on your computer and pair each other (the same on your device or mobile if necessary).
Now, install all the Bluetooth supporting services like Bluetooth stereo, Active Sync (for Windows Mobiles), Data modem, and all others.
Goto Control Panel, fix Modem settings, create a new connection using your Bluetooth enabled just talked about.
The dialing number for GSM data services is *99# , not need to enter your username and password.
Now finish your dialing wizard or start making a data call. You’ll be connected to a network wirelessly.
Thus, you can have Wireless (Bluetooth) internet on your laptop or desktop using your mobile phone.
External link: How to surf Internet on your Desktop computer using your GPRS enabled phone?
Is any Telecom company working on 4G technology of WiMAX or LTE?
Ans: Please, visit TechSansar’s tag on WiMAX about latest development of deploying 4G in Nepal.
So far we have not learnt anything about 4G from Ncell and NTC. But some broadband companies are working to provide 4G data services. Please, visit tag: 4G

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