Price of Latest HTC Smart phones in Nepal

HTC One wallpaper featuring Nepal
HTC One wallpaper featuring Nepal

HTC has been quite a popular smartphone brand in Nepal. Find the updated price of the Taiwanese brand HTC Smartphones in Nepal which are known for its touchscreen phones, look and custom design. The updated list features price of latest HTC Android and Windows Phone models in streets of Kathmandu.

 Updated: Get the latest price of HTC Smart Phones in Nepal here

This article “Price of HTC Smartphones in Nepal” last updated on April 31, 2013 to reflect smartphone price changes in Nepal. HTC One can be purchased directly from Harilo in Nepal (via HTC America’s Online store), the approximate cost of HTC One thus purchased will be around Rs 57,800 (as of current exchange rate and taxes.)

Updated (API) 31 Apr 13
Model Price in NPR Remarks
HTC One Yet to be released
HTC One X+ 55k
HTC One S 42k
HTC One V 29k
HTC One X 51k
HTC Butterfly
HTC WildFire S 15.3k NA, Obsolete
HTC Sensation XL 45k NA
HTC Desire C 20.5k
HTC Desive V 29.8k
HTC Desire SV
HTC Windows Phone 8X 63,540.00
HTC Windows Phone 8S 65,000.00
HTC Mini  NA
HTC Legend
HTC Evo 4G  35,200.00
HTC Touch 2 36,500.00
HTC Hero

Common disclaimers apply

*** Street prices correct as of April 31, 2013. Efforts have been taken to keep price updated.

*** Buying HTC smartphones in malls? Consider inflation on USD, HTC authorized distributor for Nepal might revise the price accordingly.

*** Prices are ONLY for informational purposes. If planning for purchases, consider at least 10-15% on marked price.

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