Increase your Dropbox storage space upto 16GB for free

For those of use who are already addicted to cloud storage and sharing services provided by Dropbox, we might have already used the free space of 2GB and much of the 8 GB free space after getting referrals. There are still possibilities that you can increase your dropbox storage space upto 16 GB for free under certain circumstances in two fold speed.

free 16 GB storage space with Dropbox referral

Get 500MB extra space (which used to be just 250MB on regular referrals) when you refer your friend having .edu email address. Guys from Pulchowck Campus, Nepal Engineering College and Kathmandu Engineering College having email address,, and have shared us good news that dropbox is not limiting the referral email address to be solely .edu one. Also, Possibilities with Dropboxeven if you have @ac email address (representing academy) you are entitled to get 500MB free credit. Dropbox calls this <3s school! transition. So, invite your classmates, college friends and juniors to Dropbox by referring their college email address (which necessarily may not end in .edu extension). Now, don’t worry on how to get more space on dropbox, just refer your friends on their university email address.

If you want to simply share and remote access your files and folders along with the remote computer, then you have a lot of choices as described here. In the other hand, if you want to entirely backup your computer’s as much as 500 GB of free space, then the solution is here.

Here is an interesting article which guides you setting up a new computer with essential applications.

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