Backup your entire computer hard disk online for free

Cloud based backup and syncingHere is a new service called Backify, which lets you back up your entire computer’s hard disk online and that too for free. The free backup supports upto 512 GB of space which is in most of the cases more than sufficient. This is the largest amount of free backup web storage space we have ever explored for cloud storage and using it.

The Backify website says: data loss can happen to anyone, even you. So backup your data before it’s too late. You can now automatize your online backup for documents, music, photos, videos, emails and everything else that is important. All the backups are protected under military grade encryption – private and secure in the cloud. Further, Backify allows you to stream your music and movies to your iPhone and iPad over the cloud wirelessly.

Backify online backup toolBackify is easy to use, sign up, add a new network drive to your computer which will function like a Windows Explorer afterwards, install the software to automate the backup online. The best feature is that you can handle things from the network drive which is still a lacking feature in Dropbox – one of the most talked cloud storage services.

This service is provided by Live Drive – meaning your storage content drive is always live – accessible. However, you can not sync files and folders between two or more computers on the free version of Backify which in most of the cases is not important since we are concerned only with the backup thing.

Read FAQs about Online backup and Online storage from their website. If you are a Dropbox addict and don’t want your entire computer to be backed up and sync online in clouds, you can fast increase the storage space upto 16GB for free.

[box title=”Updated information” color=”#333333″]Backify and LiveDrive are having issues. One other blaming to be fake services and voilating several laws and rules. They deleted every account’s backup. So is it Backify which is fradulent or is it LiveDrive? This has made users of cloud storage services suspicious over their workand business.[/box]
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