How to Send a Wireless Fax on A Printer in 3 steps?

Worry not, we still need faxes but no more traditional fax machines. Printers can do the faxing. In this article, we explore CocaFax.


Pattern and shape of the fax are becoming different from the past. Nowadays, you don’t need a phone line or fax machine to send and receive faxes. Fax machines work on analog signals and phone cables.

With the use of online fax services, there is no need to arrange a phone cable and a fax machine. You can get the advantage of CocoFax for wireless faxing – one of the coolest faxing services we have explored. It will decrease the need for ink, paper, and fax modem.

CocoFax is a reliable choice for instant fax communication. Instead of using a random service, you can create an account with CocoFax. It is a reliable service provider with one million satisfied users.

For wireless fax, CocoFax is an encrypted and HIPAA compliant solution. Numerous professionals and businesses use this service to manage the transmission of confidential documents. Along with a free account, CocoFax offers a free fax number and a trial for 30 days.

Wireless fax features from CocaFax
Wireless fax features from CocaFax

It gets acknowledgement from CNET, Tom’s Guide, Tech Radar, Tech Advisor, and 9to5Mac. If you want to use CocoFax, make sure to arrange a tablet, smartphone, or computer. You will need a reliable internet connection.

If you have a printer with fax capabilities, you can send a fax from printer. CocoFax has essential features to manage the transmission of faxes.

Send Fax Wirelessly

In the first step, you have to create a free fax account. It will allow you to get a free fax number and a trial for 30 days. If you have a wireless printer, you can send fax wirelessly. Here are some steps to send a fax with the printer:

  • Connect your printer with the internet and a phone line. In the absence of a phone line, you can use CocoFax to send and receive faxes.
  • To use CocoFax, you can send faxes through a smartphone and a computer. This reputed fax service offers several methods to manage the transmission of faxes. Feel free to use your email to send faxes.
  • Remember, you can’t use a wireless printer without a phone line. With the help of CocoFax, you can avoid the unnecessary expenses of a phone network and a fax machine.

Easy Method to Send Faxes with CocoFax

To send faxes with CocoFax, you have to create an account with your email address. After creating your account, you will be able to send domestic and international faxes. Here are some easy steps.

Step 01: Open the official website of CocoFax in a web browser. Sign in to your CocoFax account to access its dashboard.

Step 02: To send new fax, click on “Send Fax”. A pop-up window will appear to create a new fax.

Step 03: You have to fill in all the critical fields, such as the “To” field and the subject field. If you want to add notes, you can use a subject field. The body will help you to create a cover page. Now, attach the documents that you want to fax.

Double-check everything and click on “Send”. The supported formats are jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, and doc. CocoFax will send your message as a fax to the fax machine of the receiver. After the successful transmission of the fax, you can get a confirmation message in your inbox.

Receive Faxes through CocoFax

In your dashboard, you will get a complete record of faxes. Received faxes are available in the inbox. There is no need to buy a fax machine to receive essential faxes. For maximum security, CocoFax converts documents in pdf format.

CocoFax offers an innovative solution to fax wirelessly to your client. It is better than fax machines and ordinary fax services. You can use your email client to send and receive faxes. For international and domestic faxing, it is a reliable service.


Overall, CocoFax is better than other online fax services available in the market. It can translate information from smartphones and computers. If you don’t want to pay anything, CocoFax can be a suitable brand.

With the use of CocoFax, you can choose your favorite fax number. It is an ideal method to satisfy your international clients. CocoFax will decrease the need for hardware and phone lines.

A wireless printer may help you to send faxes, but CocoFax is even more reliable. There is no need to worry about security issues. For your sensitive documents, CocoFax offers an encrypted faxing system.

To create your free account today, feel free to visit the official website of CocoFax.

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