6 jobs that will most probably disappear by 2040

The transformation in the future of work will affect the way we plan our future. Are we ready for the jobs that will be gradually lost in decades, if not years to come.


Here are 6 Jobs that Will Disappear by 2040?

The future of work looks bright for those who are in the innovative industries, but not so much for others. Oxford University recently released a study that revealed 45 percent of jobs we currently have will disappear in the next 10 years. Therefore, there will be a significant change in the future workforce.

This transformation in the future of work will affect the way we plan our future. Therefore, we must prepare by gaining future, in-demand skills to stay afloat. Here are some of the jobs that will probably disappear by 2040.

1. Drivers

With the advance of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the probability of having self-driving cars in the future will increase. Therefore, most current drivers will need to reinvent themselves to continue working by 2040. The reason why companies are trying to build more self-driving cars is that they seem to be safer. According to this General Motors report, 94 percent of car crashes are caused by human error, meaning self-driving vehicles would help reduce the number of accidents. With self-driving cars, the role of drivers will be less useful every day.

2. Farmers

Most farming jobs today are automated. There’s no need to have a team of farmers to do things manually when we have machines that do the same job twice as fast and more accurately.

By 2040, the role of farmers will probably disappear and most of the food we eat will be processed and cultivated by machines. Today many farming companies are leveraging hi-tech tools such as Data Science to predict climate changes and make their companies more productive.

3. Cashiers

The self-cashier trend is growing exponentially and by 2040 we probably won’t even have cashiers. Companies such as Amazon Go and IKEA are implementing this trend, and this has made the process a lot easier for customers.

Self-checkout systems market size now and then
Self-checkout systems market size now and then

According to this report, the global market of self-cashier systems was valued at over $2.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by 13.3 percent between 2020 to 2027. By using self-cashier methods, customers just select what they want to buy, then the system automatically charges their expenses and they leave. There’s no interaction with humans to pay for products. With the rapid growth of self-cashier systems, cashier jobs will probably disappear by 2040.

4. Travel Agents

Online travel companies have removed travel agents from the equation. In the past, you may have gone to a travel agency to book a flight and plan your vacations, but today there are no intermediaries when you’re planning a trip. Today you simply go to your favorite online travel company, select your flight date and hotel, and then pay with your credit card.

If you currently use platforms such as Trivago, Airbnb or Kayak, you’ll understand how easy it is to plan a trip online. You don’t need anyone to show you what the available packages are or the prices.

5. Manufacturing Workers

The robotics industry is rapidly disrupting manufacturing industries; whether they’re using cobots or robots, companies are using less human intervention every day. Therefore, manufacturing workers are losing their value. In the future, cobots probably won’t even exist. Consequently, it will be a completely automated experience.

Manufacturing jobs are usually very repetitive and redundant. Robots can easily do this type of job. Companies are choosing robots over humans in manufacturing because they improve productivity and accuracy. Besides, robots don’t sleep, take vacations or ask for salary increases.

6. Bank Tellers

Ask yourself this question, how many times have you gone to the bank in the past few months? Probably none. In the past, we may have gone to the bank to do almost every transaction, from getting cash to money transfers. But today there’s no need to do this, as we can do nearly everything through our mobile phone, and if we ever need cash, we’ll just go to a nearby ATM.

Maybe we’ll go to the bank to solve an issue with our account, or because we need to open a new one. But with most banks, you can open an account from home, which is something unimaginable before. Besides, Blockchain is providing more accuracy and security to transactions.

Last words: what business are you today doesn’t matter your job is at risk. It is the skill that you timely update for securing the jobs for the transformed digital future. Do you agree with our these 6 jobs at risk of disappearing in near future? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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