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Got boring days during in indefinite strikes by Maoists (in Nepal) or you have plenty of holidays, you can off your boredom by watching some real free high definition (HD) videos. Team TechSansar collected some of the best free HD video sources during this Maobadi called bandhs.

Microsoft WMV HD: One of your essential sources for Free HD Videos, Microsoft Media Player support HD Videos. The WMV HD Content Showcase features lots of high definition quality with Windows Media Video 9 (codecs). You’ll be amazed at their multichannel audio and HD videos of IMAX clips at resulutions up to 1080p.

YouTube HD: Although YouTube have not defined anything such as a HD category for it’s videos (some tweak, go to Browse videos and select HD), you can still manage to play high def video contents whenever available (of course, with your faster broadband) via settings. To enable HD videos in YouTube go to Account Settings >> Video Playback Quality, opt for I have a fast connection. Always play higher-quality video when it’s available. We managed to search 1080p HD videos on YouTube search, here are the results.

NASA HD Video Gallery: Another very interesting source of free HD content, has lots of high def images, videos and interactive features from the unique perspective of America’s space agency. Get HD Videos from Hubble: 20 Years of Discovery to President Obama Speaks at Kennedy Space Center, many videos have option of playing at different resolutions of 1080i, 720p, 480p.

Apple QuickTime HD Gallery: features many great QuickTime high definition videos. Their advanced H.264 codec is used for making HD videos and possible for QuickTime 7 to play back high-definition video on a personal computer without additional hardware required. Head to the HD Gallery to play some of the world’s best high def videos now right into your computer.

Vimeo HD Channel: Online HD Video Streaming supported by Vimeo. Vimeo supports HD in 1280×780 and lets you upload videos and convert them to HD. They say as home to the web’s most creative and inspiring HD videos.  Here we feature HD videos that  are super awesome. Sit back and enjoy!

Dailymotion HD: This French video streaming site has Family Fiter ON by default and has many HD videos. Dailymotion high definition videos range from lyrics to home made videos to game reviews and many more. The New York based company says it is the next-generation television network since 2005. You can browse user uploaded episodes of video contents and podcasts in HD. Sadly, again there is no any section like HD, but you would be able to find HD videos on Blip TV like we did.

BBC iPlayer: BBC’s iPlayer home page is a home to virtually unlimited (yes, it is) media files, so many Radio stations and so many videos to choose from. BBC HD TV channel features so many free high definition videos, and of course, from BBC’s different producing units. This is a must visit HD video content site on the whole web.

Got Hi-Def: This site claims to be Royalty free HD Stock Video Footage Collections and provides the same. All high def footages are online, royalty free and ready for immediate download.

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