ISPs targeted during indefinte strike called upon by Maoists

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
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It seems like Maoists won’t leave anything untouched; banks, markets, offices, ATMs, shopping malls, pedestrians (yes, it is), and now they are threatening Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Kathmandu valley. UCPN Maoists on Monday (May 3) tried to persuade a couple of Internet Service Providers to close down their offices. “As we are also relate to media ,we requested them not to force to close the service ,” said an officer at one of the ISPs. “They seem to misunderstand the value of ISP,” he said, adding that Internet is the key to information dissemination .”They saw our office  open  and  walked in to force us to shut, ” added the officer. “They had to be convinced that we are also a part of media and their party has given instructions not to close the media.” Quoted: HNS, THT

Got boring days during in indefinite strikes by Maoists (in Nepal) or you have plenty of holidays, you can off your boredom by watching some real free high definition (HD) videos. Team TechSansar collected some of the best free HD video sources during this Maobadi called bandhs.

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