Microsoft IE9- born to die? Is it?

windows-internet-explorer9No defeats, no success, and not yet stability. Traits with Microsoft almost for years onward IE7. Microsoft has been working in yet another version of it’s web browser- Windows Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has just released a “Test Drive” preview build of internet Explorer 9. Be ready to drive without a seatbelt or even a steering wheel though, as this browser preview contains just the engine. It’s just a preview right now.Right now the Windows Internet Explorer 9 preview browser is just a simple window with no furnishing – no toolbar, no address bar, no tabs and no enchanting to look at. Oops, we din’t even find the back and forward button in IE9. Still the very fact that Microsoft has released a preview in such an early stage is surely a good sign.

You can Download the Internet Explorer Platform 9 Preview right fromIE9 test drive page. The all new IE9 got some demos at Speed, HTML5 and Graphics. The Acid3 test results are supposed to keep going with later version of the browser.

Go get IE9 a try, if you don’t personally loathe Microsoft! This time Microsoft’s IE9 is surely not born to die. They have crossed thru much of a hurdle by now. Let’s see what the time has to say!

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