Airtel favors it's customer with free 2Mbps upgrade for IPL


Airtel-Indian-Premier-League-YouTubeThey got the resources. They have the profit. They love their motherland. Cricket is the nick to ’em all. Airtel is giving it’s customers free automatic 2Mbps internet upgrade to watch IPL on Youtube.
March 12 till 25, Indian cricketers would love the day to be on their pride. Airtel Broadband customers in India are enjoying the speed of 2Mbps internet irrespective of their present data plan with the ISP Airtel. This high speed bandwidth is provided to watch streaming content from YouTube’s IPL channel available at
No more buffering lag to watch Indian Premier League videos from Airtel. No more to pay for higher data bandlimits by Indian cricket fans. Offer valid for all Indian cities where Airtel operates.

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