Setup Internet Access in MikroTik RouterBoard in 2 minutes (static IP)

MikroTik is no doubt one of the most advanced routers for users of all kinds – it is the RouterBoard OS that makes MikroTik a router of need and choice. In this video tutorial, we demo how to setup an Internet access in MikroTik Router – 951Ui-2HnD – in less than 2 minutes for static IP address allocation.

Let’s configure a basic Mikrotik RouterBoard Router for Static IP based Internet access.
Open Mikrotik router’s dash and login. Our router model here is RouterBoard 951Ui-2HnD.
As soon as you login, check your Quick Set dropdown menu and select the preferred connection type here we are going with WISP AP.

MikroTik RouterBoard device
MikroTik RouterBoard device
Select Static in Address Acquisition and supply IP address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS records from the ISP. If allowed you can use Google Public DNS or OpenDNS in the DNS service.
Save the config. And reboot the device if needed. That’s all you should now be connected.
The exact same thing (plus more) can be achieved even in lesser time using WinBox. You can see your prior settings. Plus you can have a ready Script for future needs as well.
Check your Internet connection speed. That’s all from the MikroTik side.
Time to check advanced settings as needed – say Wireless password, DHCP allocation and others.
Some advance users might need other options for WISP AP to CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), Home AP, PTP Bridge mode.
Terminal users, you are covered as well!
More on Quick Setup Guide and Warranty Information card of your MikroTik RouterBoard router.

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