Subisu Conclave 2018 ICT Rural Connectivity

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Subisu Conclave 2018 Kathmandu combined both technical aspects and ICT sector of Nepal. We present and share here our notes directly from the Conclave.

Subisu Conclave 2018 Technical Domain

Omkar Bharnuke, Sr Solution Architect at Juniper Solutions:
Data Center Trends

Trends – Embrace or Lag: Social and Big Data
Machine to machine, Eat0-Wst traffic,
Intra-data center
flatter topology
Availability and performance

managing network with flexible choices: Multi-tier ethernet, VCF, Junos Fusion, IP Fabric, Overlays (VXLAN and MPLS)

Complex Network architecture vs Simple flat architecture

Data centers are moving toward fabric either ethernet or IP but IP fabric is the future

Cloud switching portfolio: How to fit into Spine-leaf solution was presented.
Centralization and orchestration of network.

Next Gen Security Services like Application security, SSL inspection, Intrusion prevsion; and advanced security for physical and virtual SRX

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP): key component of the software defined secure networks (SDSN) platform:
Pro _ stops advanced persistent threats
sophisticated deception techniques to expose evasive malware

Sky ATP does things in sandboxing approach so as to provide persistent threats.

WannaCry found and blocked in 90 seconds: demo of Sky ATP detects and stops ransomware; what Sky STP can do in security approach.

Cohort Analytics Platform and JATP: Juniper Advance Threat prevention.

whenever you are building your cloud based datacenter; it is not not the one day process but a journey from network design to management to orchestration to virtualization from layer 1 to layer seven; and addressing need of the customers


Nuage Networks
Nuage ST1 Asia: Presales consultant
Nitin Bombe, Nuage Networks, NOKIA

Software defined wide area network (SDWAN ) Use cases explained clarly.

IP VPN services have not much changed
It’s still Hub and Spoke architecture;
Distributed intelligence followed Hub and Spoke; that’s tway too manual and complex in today’s world. Change in control process is another headache so we needed a way that could make things better.

How SD WAN can help bring ease in today’s complex requirement based networks.

With SD WAN fabric all transport can be undelined under it’s services.
Product is actually a WAN network ie a presence that is service and transport decoupled.

Adaptable network environment is what SD WAN provides.

Zero factor authentication: USB
One factor authentication: Email
Two factor authentication: combination of email and SMS

Use cases of SD WAN2
A) Use Case
1) Application Deiscovery
2) Network Performance Measurement
3) Application Aware Routing

B) Use Case1)
Cloud/SaaS Connectivity
Hybrid Cloud enablement

Extension of your branch using Hybrid Cloud/ Cloud ConnectivityNo more Physical network assets or inventory but the network presence

Another Use case:

WAN Microj-segmentation
1) Policy driven ACLs
2) Provisioning of Multiple Domains
3) Application aware policy (specially simplifying ACLs from layer 4 to 7)
4) Advanced service chaining (VNG-on-SNG) – redirecting traffic into virtual or physical network functions location at the branch (VNF-on-NSG), POP or datacenter/cloud level

Another use case: security detection and reaction
1) Prevent, Detect, Respond with virtualized security services
Contextual flow visualization
automated response
embedded into the network service

2) Reactive Example

Another use case:: Migration and legacy interworking
1) BGP connectivity to MPLS underlay
2) Hybrid connectivity

Blue App Policy


Meraki Session: (noun)
something done with soul, creativty, or love

meraki session quite interactive with 2 reps.

meraki is a cloud managed company, that is no end user data goes to meraki in fact.

dymystifying cloud data.

seamless experience with cloud than anything else that has happen in the IT scenario so far.
cloud in case of meraki helps dymystyfing cloud for customers

all traffic remains on LAN none of it travels to the cloud or the internet or even to the meraki cloud.

Cisco Meraki is 100% cloud managed IT that simplify works.

Networks getting more and more complex; demands on IT has been severly different over these years.

Making IT more and more relevant to the business, while addressing CAPEX.

Bringing cloud to the IT. Because IT has already gone to the cloud, right?

Practial or demo session of Meraki
Cisco meraki Wesite and Demo

With more and more apps, the complexity in network is increasing.

Apps are consuming bandwidth like never before.

HD Band: is a buzz word, Gartner; 80% of organization are going to need HD band by 2018

Best route for the ppacket. What is the minimum latency for the data.

Meraki layers and data viz
Solely on the cloud; cloud connected devices.
Access to all of the global offices;

All meraki decies can do traffic shaping at layer 7.
Create layer 7 rules on the fly.

Location heatmap on user or points; how peiople move into the office.
How people move inside the office; where they stay and spend most of their time.
Location heatmap in Meraki is awesome.

Cameras that are commoditized.

Managing connected cameras.

Reduces complexity of storage at the back end.

Analytics on the camera.
Smart analytics build inside the camera.
Camera can analyze motion automagically.

Ask for Meraki demo; they can ship hardware and can turn it on remotely.

Cisco Data Center SDN Choices:
1) Automated Network Fabric
2) Programmable Fabric
3) Programmable Network

Airtel and it’s enterprise business
AirtelSatellite offerings:
satcom solutions
media solutions

Meo Satelite System : O3B
12 functional satellites for High BW IP trunking
Bent pipe operation

Fit for disaster recovery Security:

  • end points security
  • mobile security
  • email security
  • firewall security
  • application security
  • cloud network security
  • web security

Data Loss Prevention
All USB Ports are blocked.
No CD/DVD writers

BYOD but you are not allowed to use your own USB devices

Clean web pipe service

Airtel-Symantec Network Security

Subisu Conclave 2018 ICT Domain

Rural connectivity:

Moderator Hempal Shrestha
NTA Ananta Raj Khanal

Rural Connectivity
Smart City
Technological Champaign like Subisu have been working in technical sector for so long

1) What exactly is like Rural Connectivity?
2) Learning from esteemed panel.
3) Way a head in rural connectivity

ग्रामिण पहुच

3.5 % increment in current day nepal

Enabling financial services
Technology enabler
Service seeker
Service provider

Rural Connectivity is not only a national issue but a global challenge. Supporting infra, access thru roads, electricity, population density.

Viability of the business is not nature in this area called rural.
nepal is no exception to the Rural.

Due to 10 year’s of war; operators and service providers are not wiling to move to rural and expand rural services.

Only after 2007 service providers saw some growth are aor potential growth area but only in cities.

Universal Service Fund (USF) created – that is operators creating or generating, fund.
RTDF in Nepal is the same as USF.

Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development: every nation should have a funded broadband master plan.

Business as usual ko tarika bata broadbank lai sabai thau ma laijana sakinna, so funded broadband ko kura aayo.

There is an instruction from the cabinet to pause Rural Connectivity and Access network. Backbone progress is even almost null comparatively based on RTDF.
Fundamental broadband infra be ready soon – maybe next decade.

Financial inclusion: NRB Director – rural connectivity: Financial literacy is initial to financial inclusion. First you need to know about finance before involving in inclusion.
753 nagarpalika/gaunpalika; till yesterday 426 out of 753 sthaniya taha ma commercial bank ko branch chha; by Asar 2075 samma sabai taha ma sabai commercial bank group or category A should be there.

Internet consumer; rep Internet Society: Bikram sir.
Without Government initiona, it is different ot reach connectivity. Financial inclusion is impossible without connectivity so what about rural connectivity approach and it’s technically viable. Govt should play a role to facilitate connectivity in the rural.

Subisu Bajracharya: Urban connectivity has mbeen main focus of Subisu;
Link is stable in Urban with fiber backbone; but in rural it is a challenge for fiber backbone connectivity in rural.
Rural connectivity’s stability is not possible with out stable network;

Business viability; Backbone issues
How is NTA viewing these two aspects?
Government agencies work in isolation. Lack of coordination is government’s understanding.
Weak governance
Imagination of Stability in Connectivity and Governance
Absolute anarchy in governance; lack of coordination

Internet Ecosystem in Nepal:
Infra, Services, Applications and Content and Skills/Literacy – digital literacy
Sharing infra for rural connectivity: grahamin pahuch.
NEA fiber is awesome. NTC fiber is also great. On these other service providers could not connect.
Is investment as issue for rural connectivity? ISPs are florishing where business perspect is seeable; but not in profit questioned area.

ICT4D; ICT florishing

ICT ko maag badnu bhaneko facebook prayog karta badnu nai ho.

No progress can be felt in backbone in next 2 years.
Kathmandu ko bhanda badi Internet ko cost aru thau ma lina paaidaina; KTM banda badi paaidaina.

Payment Gateway and financial transactions are demoralized by NRB.
Digital payment services and collaboration:
National Payment Gateway: 80% of people use mobile. Facebook chalauna janne bhaneko Internet user hoina; they lack knowledge to use financial services in mobile.
They are not covered by financial inclusion.

RTGS in next 10 monts.
National payment in little distant from RTGS.

Digitized banking for those people is not possible.
16 months from today.

Connection between NTA and NRB.

NRB is planning a connection with NRB on rural connectivity and financial inclusivity.

Sakchhyam project DFID.
40% of funded capitalized cost is ispent.

Why NTA is not taking actions?
Reality is far from Mantri ko bhasan.

Digital /DFID Access to finance Sakchhyam
Commercially viable
490 tablet banking now in parts of nepal.
4lakh people have been included in financial inclusion.
Brick mortar model
Agent banking.

Government ko kaam nirdeshan dine ho; tara samasya bhaneko chahi follow up nahunu nai ho.
Rural connectivity primarily focused on roads. Air or aviation is neglected.

Nepal’s own Satellite status:
Banking 0.1 or Banking 1.0
Nepal ko satellite: No later than 5 years from now if it’s decised today. It’s all about priority.
Models: afnai satellite, aruko model satellite ma Nepal naam rakhne.

Air aviation in banking.
Nepal Rastra Bank le digitization lai promote gareko chhaina……

Demand and Supply side of connectivity vs financial inclusion in durgam.

Is rural = durgam?

Civil society representation; j bhaye pani reliable connectivity chahiyo.

PANOS: Reality vs Practicability.
Why discuss only loopholes while we can get some happiness with optimistic approach.?

Collaboration and Governance >>> much issue creating agencies.
Florish ICT in all forms.

All class and categories: 5800+ branches. But are UNCDF
Total population per branch: 4k
53% male
14% insistutional accounts.

Stable government

3 things to florish ICT for Rural Connectivity in Nepal

  1. coordination
  2. infra has to be developed in an integrated manner
  3. enforcement has to be done.

End of live notes from Subisu Conclave 2018 Kathmandu

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