How to improve website SEO with Google Lighthouse Audit tool for free!

Webmasters and website owner have always struggled to get on the top of Google search results, here is another way Google is helping them improve SEO.

In this (video) tutorial, we demonstrate how to improve website and web apps SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and performance with latest Google Lighthouse audit tool, absolutely for free. All you need to do to improve your website SEO is install or run Google Lighthouse and throw your website or web app’s public URL to it. Result, you will see how your website’s SEO and performance measure.
SEO is not dead. Knowledge Management is just an another name or whatever you say. All website owners and webmasters want to excel on that Google search rank (SERP).
In early 2018, Google released an important and must-use SEO tool called Lighthouse that offers insight on how to improve the quality of your pages.
Lighthouse, in fact, is an open-source, automated tool for improving the performance, quality, and correctness of your web apps or websites.
When auditing a page, Lighthouse runs a barrage of tests against the page, and then generates a report on how well the page did. From there, you can use the failing tests as indicators on what you can do to improve your app or the website.
Throw any public URL to the Google’s ultimate SEO tool Lighthouse, it will audit from mobile-friendliness to accessibilities to progressiveness to performance and whatever a webmaster need to know to have a fast loading app or site.

What Lighthouse Audit does?

Increasing traffic to your website through search engine optimization techniques has been traditional approach. But Google’s Lighthouse Audit tool does much more than that – precisely 5 features on audits to be performed, namely

  1. Performance of the website or web app: How long does this app take to show content and become usable.
  2. Progressive Web App: Does this page meet the standard of a Progressive Web App
  3. Best Practices: Does this page follow best practices for modern web development
  4. Accessibility: Is this page usable by people with disabilities or impairments
  5. SEO: Is this page optimized for search engine results ranking

How to install Google Lighthouse Audit tool?

Choose any of the following three option suited as per your requirement. We have opted for DevTools in this video and is the easiest way.

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