Blogger gets a totally new Interface

Google is simultaneously changing the interface of its products and services – Google services that now have new interfaces include its home page, Feedburner, AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, Webmasters, and now it is a Blogger to wear a new code. If you are a Blogger and using Google’s Blogger service, then  you will be more excited to explore its new revamped interface. Blogger users for the time being have to use the Blogger in-draft to access the new makeover.

Blogger's new interface: composing a new post
Blogger’s new interface: composing a new post

Google says it is there newest design evolutions which has come as an inspiration for the look and feel. Once you get log in to your Blogger, you will notice that the dashboard is totally new and sleek. The use of HTML5, WebGL, CSS3 and AJAX empowers all the new sexy Blogger’s interface. The blogger’s new design is not only limited to the dashboard, but also is available in the front end for general users – new mobile templates, front end views including tiles for posts.
Blogger New Settings UI
Blogger New Settings UI
On the compose new article section, the interface is even cool. However, there is no any new thing added. Labels, schedule, Location, and basic options are assigned on the right side giving a lot of space to write an article on the left. At the same time, the text rich kitchen bar got no chance but there lies a compose and HTML mode.
Google is giving its effort to the three design principles namely focus, elasticity and effortlessness. Here is an interesting video from youtube “Have you seen Blogger lately?”
Have you looked at Blogger lately?


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