[How to] Extract GPS coordinates in Google Maps

The simplicity of Google maps is made so with some necessary features hidden. Whether you want to commute on your daily route or want to save coordinates for trekking, or whatever your intension of getting GPS coordinates of the locations is, there are a couple of work-arounds to extract latitude and longitude information from Google maps. You can save these coordinates, store/process from an excel sheet and then import to your application or GPS device.

Extracting GPS Coordinates from Google Maps

Open the place in Google maps whose coordinates you want to know. Right click it, and Center map for places in Google mapsclick center map here which aligns your selected place at the center of the map. Then click what’s here which will give you details of that place with GPS coordinates in the search box, and also in the mouse hover arrow as illustrated here. GPS latitude and longitude are comma separated values (CSV) so it is easier to store and extract the coordinates.
Another way is to user a simple Javascript code given below in the browser’s address bar after selecting the center map:
If you want to save a URL containing coordinates of that place, click the link icon at the top right of above the map- it can be used in anyway you like: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=27.677495,85.311732 This links goes to Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory near Moksh Bar.
View Larger Map
If you are looking for more than lat lon in maps, you can compute elevation for an arbitrary path that means you can find the height of any place in Google maps using HeyWhatsThat Path Profiler. Here are a couple of services to enhance your GPS visualizer.
1.  iTouchMap – find the latitude and longitude of a point in more descriptive way
2. GPS Visualizer – convert multiple addresses to GPS coordinates

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