Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cdma2000 1xEvDO of Nepal Telecom

Smart guys at have tried to compile a comprehensive list of FAQs related to 3G wireless cdma2000 1xEvDO as a Nepal Telecom’s wireless broadband internet service EVDO. Got to ask one, write to us or comment.
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Are EVDO and EvDO the same thing? You’re using it haphazardly.
Not at all. It might seem but nowhere in we are using EvDO for EVDO. EvDO is the communication system or protocol developed from 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) internationally whereas EVDO is just the name given by Nepal Telecom to it’s service.
This is the service(EVDO) based on cdma2000 1xEvDO (please, quote that it is cdma2000 not CDMA200 as you seen on Telecom’s site)
Where can I use EVDO service?
EVDO service is roaming enabled. This means that you can use it anywhere in the specified EVDO coverage in a country.
How to connect to EVDO?
(The details on our next article, visual step by step guide and a movie for the same.)
How much does it cost for Telecom’s EVDO service?
To smart to answer that, we just visited the Telecom office and found that you can purchase a new R-UIM (similar to SIM card of 2G cellular GSM) for NRs 2500 which includes data value of NRs 2000. Get your Nepalese citizenship id card to the nearest Nepal Telecom office for subscribing to 3G data service.
How to recharge the EVDO account?
Recharging can be done with the same way as recharging any other CDMA phone. Use the dialing software provided with the device to dial 1415 and follow the instructions or use any PSTN/Post-Paid CDMA phone to dial 1415 and follow the instructions.
Is EVDO expensive for general users?
We would say NO. You can spend data value of NRs 2000 for months. There is no limitation of the 30 days for the cash to be spent. The cost for 100Kb is NRs 0.25 but according to the Telecom, the special price of NRs 0.15 is set per 100Kb till new year 2067.
What is the range of EVDO base station?
EVDO base stations range extends from approximately 2 km in built up areas with lots of obstacles, to approximately 5 km in ideal conditions such as flat land.
What if there is no EVDO coverage?
Even if there is no EVDO coverage in certain areas, you can still access internet via CDMA2000 1x, PSDN (Public Switched Data Network) service.
Where can I get the EVDO device?
Since the service is enabled in the R-UIM, you can use it in any EVDO device available in the market which has provision to insert R-UIM but the device should meet the technical specification as specified above.
How to connect to internet using 3G EVDO Devices?
(The details on our next article, visual step by step guide and a movie for the same.)
Where should I contact for Nepal Telecom EVDO Service?
You can contact Customer Care Centers of the Telecom for services related to EVDO. This service is at present limited to few locales and cities only.
Sundhara Telecom Office,Teku
Ph: 014239945
Chabahil Telecom Office
Ph: 014469366
Gongabu Telecom Office
Ph: 014350005
Patan Telecom Office
Ph: 015555676
Chhauni Telecom Office
Ph: 014285000
Thimi Telecom Office
Ph: 016638900
Pokhara Telecom Office
Ph: 061528777
PHONE: 014272757
FAX: 014270521
Official link to NT’s EVDO

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