How to connect to internet using 3G EVDO Devices?

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EVDO device connected on laptopIf you are used to with the present data service of CDMA Sky Mobile or UTL’s UIM Internet service, then the connecting procedure is the same as there for EVDO cases too. Simply, assign your EVDO devices as the modem (connected to your laptop via cable or Bluetooth), use the username and password provided by NTC and connect to the internet via the dialup connection. You will have the broadband experience thru dial up.

Suggested reading: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cdma2000 1xEvDO of Nepal Telecom

EVDO  service can be accessed using various devices. The device should be 800MHz, CDMA 1x EV-DO, Rev A with backward compatible to Rel 0.

Insert the EVDO R-UIM into any EVDO device. Connect the device to the computer. Follow the instructions for installing the device as a modem in the computer. Use either the dialing software provided with the device or create a dialup connection with the device as a modem. Use the username, password and dialing number to connect to the internet.

NEPAL TELECOM EVDO 3G DATA DEVICES, How to connect to internet using 3G EVDO Devices?

Username: EVDO Phone Number (97XXXXXXXX)
Password: EVDO Phone Number (97XXXXXXXX)
Dialing Number: #777

In order to see step by step process of connecting to the internet using Nepal Telecom’s EVDO Wireless Broadband Service, choose your computer’s operating system (Right Click on My Computer and click Properties to see whether your computer’s Operating System (XP/Vista/7) is 32 or 64 bit.

For 32 bit computers, Connect to internet using CDMA or GSM Mobile Phones- Spice Mobile D88n/gold

For 64 bit computers, Set up Spice D-88 as a CDMA or GPRS modem in Windows Vista 64x- driver download

Illustrations shown in this external site are for Windows Vista 32/64-bit for Spice Mobile D88, D88n and Spice Mobile Gold. The procedure is the same.

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  1. Anil says

    is usb rum device n evdo device are same or what is difference between this two device can anybody help me pls?

    1. TechSansar says

      We tested and it works as if 3G and traditional CDMA connection as the same. At least for us USB or Express Card RUIM device and EVDO device are the same thing, the data speed must match, however.
      If you got a device that can support higher data rate, than you’re lucky to go both in a hand.

  2. komar says

    do u hav driver for mac ??

    1. TechSansar says

      There seem to be difficulties for getting drivers for 64 bit Windows and MAC OS. But you can consult with the manufacturer’s website of your EVDO device.

      If your EVDO device is a mobile phone set, you might not need any device drivers. Also the ease with Bluetooth handsets and WLAN supported sets. Try!

    2. komar says

      well well .. i got some chinese evdo device .. n cant get manufacturer name n has windows drivers pre insalled in device .. but cant get mac version yet .. HELP needed ..

  3. Ajay says

    what will be the total cost ruim+device;
    can i convert cdma ruim to evdo ruim???

    1. TechSansar says

      sadly there is no way to convert CDMA RUIM to EVDO RUIM. NTC’s policy is that you need to purchase another RUIM card for NRs 2500 worth data of 2000.

      Also NTC doesn’t sell EVDO data devices. But you can purchase in market at around NRs 3000.

      1. Ujjol says

        Yap,But recently I saw my friend buying an EVDO usb modem at only 1800 Rs.

        1. sumit shrestha says

          contact me for EVDO at Rs1800 contact:9841640437

  4. ram says

    i got a evdo uim but my pc is 64 bit windows 7 any devices are not working even samsung cdma corby any solution?

    1. TechSansar says

      We have not yet come across such a data device which can be used in 64 bit OS. Especially nor was found for CDMA device nor is with EVDO devices.
      What we have in Nepalese market is that we are forced to buy all Chinese made-for-32 bit OS devices.

      However, you can go thru this link ( ) to use your mobile phone as a 3G Data device or modem. Or alternatively you can use your mobile as a bluetooth modem to connect to the internet link here ( ). These both systems work well with 64 bit versions.

  5. sudu says

    I want to use EVDO service both in laptop and mobile, It is posible or not.

  6. ramu khadka says

    I want to join limited period (i m in vacation in Nepal 2 and half months) can i use wireless in my laptop ?? Or not ??

  7. jivan says

    i have windows7 64 bit laptop. i want to use internet of nt edvo data service… what i have to do. did driver works… i asked shopkeeper ‘where is the driver? than they replyed me driver was within the modem.. help

    1. Team TechSansar says

      Dear Jivan, many people have reported to us that now you can find 64-bit driver enabled EDVO and UTL/SKY CDMA Modem.

      For 64-bit EVDO Modem, please visit the NT Support officials in the NTC building they will guide you how to get drivers for 64-bit Win OS. However, we suggest you to ask the shops around Jawalakhel for this. Please, scan the New Road area. Or visit UTL office for 64-bit CDMA modem, they shall help you with.

  8. Aayush says

    I am thinking to use modem with simple sim of ntc, is it possible?

    1. TechSansar Admin says

      It can’t be a simple SIM card to use 3G. Please, contact your nearest NTC Office to change your 3G SIM card.

  9. Alex says

    i installed my EVDO on a 64 bit operating system. I set up a dial up connection. but the connection is really. I have seen other computers and with the same EVDO, the connection is faster. Is there another way to set up an internet connection with EVDO(2G) other than dial up, because that is quite slow.

  10. Tprizal says

    i have laptop with windows 7 64 bit. will the evdo 3g driver work on it?

    1. Team says

      It must work in 64-bit, try to follow the link in the post.

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  12. Dipendra Das says

    I have a problem. Internet doesn’t access in my laptop (Windows 7 & 64 bit) from EVDO device. it shows that it’s connected but still there is problem and no access to internet. Plz suggest me wht to do?

  13. binod says

    i have a problem.internet doesn”t acess in my laptop.before it acess the net but now when i click the connect button it does not connect only shows authenticating for a long time .pls suggest me how can i connect this…[email protected]

    1. Team TechSansar says

      Option 1: Clear the DNS cache ie ipconfig flushdns.
      Option 2: Create a new profile to connect the internet.
      Any of the option works for most of the cases. Let us know if none of them work for you.

  14. Ajay Pun says

    Is that sky pro and evdo service same? And how to buy package of EVDO to run 3g speed internet?

  15. Ajay says

    Anyone Tell me that what is different between sky data packages and EVDO data packages?

  16. Harrish says

    Is EVDO service a 3G data service? How about WCDMA – isn’t this 3G?

  17. Bhuwan says

    Now edvo network spread all over Nepal. My question is ‘ what is the speed in biratnagar? , so evdo signal capture ask the place of biratnagar?

  18. Ravindrandt Dongol says

    how to set up skypro for mac ( early 2011) ? i installed but its not working , what sud i do?

  19. Bishnu giri says

    I did not see the network of sky when i insert the modem on laptop why

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