How to connect to internet using 3G EVDO Devices?

EVDO device connected on laptopIf you are used to with the present data service of CDMA Sky Mobile or UTL’s UIM Internet service, then the connecting procedure is the same as there for EVDO cases too. Simply, assign your EVDO devices as the modem (connected to your laptop via cable or Bluetooth), use the username and password provided by NTC and connect to the internet via the dialup connection. You will have the broadband experience thru dial up.

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EVDO  service can be accessed using various devices. The device should be 800MHz, CDMA 1x EV-DO, Rev A with backward compatible to Rel 0.
Insert the EVDO R-UIM into any EVDO device. Connect the device to the computer. Follow the instructions for installing the device as a modem in the computer. Use either the dialing software provided with the device or create a dialup connection with the device as a modem. Use the username, password and dialing number to connect to the internet.

NEPAL TELECOM EVDO 3G DATA DEVICES, How to connect to internet using 3G EVDO Devices?

Username: EVDO Phone Number (97XXXXXXXX)
Password: EVDO Phone Number (97XXXXXXXX)
Dialing Number: #777
In order to see step by step process of connecting to the internet using Nepal Telecom’s EVDO Wireless Broadband Service, choose your computer’s operating system (Right Click on My Computer and click Properties to see whether your computer’s Operating System (XP/Vista/7) is 32 or 64 bit.
For 32 bit computers, Connect to internet using CDMA or GSM Mobile Phones- Spice Mobile D88n/gold
For 64 bit computers, Set up Spice D-88 as a CDMA or GPRS modem in Windows Vista 64x- driver download
Illustrations shown in this external site are for Windows Vista 32/64-bit for Spice Mobile D88, D88n and Spice Mobile Gold. The procedure is the same.

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