Saying Good Bye to Social networks, How to delete yourself from Internet?

Goodbye Internet, I'm killing all my online identity!
Goodbye Internet, I’m killing all my online identity!

Too frustrated with those cheap notification which you never want to get again or to optimistic to lead your life with beautiful world of offline and reality – no matter what you can still make yourself disappear from the Internet, and say good bye to social networks for ever and ever. Here is how you can permanently close your various social networks and improve your habits to NOT depend on internet for every ups and downs.

Deleting yourself from Social Networks

Permanently Delete Facebook Profile

Okay, finally you decided to get into the beautiful physical world. To delete your Facebook profile, go to the Delete My Account feature in facebook, remember there is no turning back.

Delete Twitter Account

To delete your Twitter account, go the Twitter’s account setting page, and click Deactivate My Account, just wait a couple of weeks before ti fades away completely.

Close LinkedIn Account

Hating the business stuff with LinkedIn, head straight to the setting page in LinkedIn account after logging in, click the Close your account link in account, this will permanently delete your LinkedIn account.

Deleting yourself from Google
Deleting yourself from Google

Delete Google+ Account

You might think Google+ is entirely linked up with your Gmail or Google account but you can safely delete all your Google+ content, head to Downgrade your Google+ account, voila your Google+ profile is permanently shut down.

Removing yourself from Google Services

No matter if only Google+ or Gmail or other services, you can close your entire Google account and shut down everything that is Google served. Head over Close account and delete all services and info associated with it will permanently get rid of the Google thing maniac afterwards.

Deleting yourself from Search Engine Results

Fairly all search engines provide a comprehensive guidelines to remove offensive search results. You can report to Google, Bing (including Yahoo search), Ask, even Baidu, DuckDuckGo and other search engines explaining them the search results which you don’t want them to appear. Sometimes, it is like Intellectual property right (IPR) thing.

To learn how to easily delete your online accounts or instructions to delete Skype, Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo, Twitter, MSN and other accounts, simply visit

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