IBM helps research in Nepali IT industry

IBM logo (img courtesy IBM Corp.)This is not the first time IBM (International Business Machines) Corporation is going to help Nepal. There had been enough announcements made and work under progress and authenticity, guide and financial support of this one the world’s largest IT company in Nepal.

IBM is to support the practical research of IT field for students based on IT park in Banepa, High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT). For this IBM Open Technology Resources Center will be the hub to provide information and support to the students. According to the IBM, this opportunity is given to Nepalese student in order to prepare qualified and skilled IT manpower.

Since majority of the students passed out from graduate colleges are not purely qualified to work in high skill IT field, this IBM program will make them capable. IBM aims to decrease the distance between education field and IT industry from this program.

Each year IBM will intake 20 students for research, however this year they started with 14. Four of these students have already started work on Virtual Tourism, Telemedicine and Disaster Management System. IBM says to increase the number of students intake under its hood.

IBM is going to announce proposals on four fields, namely – Technology, IT for Social Development, Open HRM and Open Subject. IT passed out students must apply based on concerntration of any four of them. IBM and HLCIT will decide the proposal.

Students selected for proposal will get services for softwares, hardwares, residence within the IT Park, travel, advisory and support fully from IBM. This is really a great news for a country like Nepal.

A major focus of the initiative will be IT skills development and implementation of the Smarter Planet solutions. IBM will extend the company’s Shared University Research (SUR) grants and University Relations (UR) grants, as well as funding for students and postdoctoral research fellows. As part of the collaboration, IBM and HLCIT will establish an Open Innovation Resource Center in Nepal- says

IBM have been providing many softwares and application services for Nepal region, below are some links we found from official IBM resources, explore and get benefited.

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