Nepal to celebrate 2013 as Information Technology Year

CAN, the Computer Association of Nepal, has proposed 2013 to be observed as an IT Year in Nepal. According to the CAN president, the contribution of annual information and communication technology exhibition CAN Infotech has lead Nepal to celebrate the year 2013 as an IT Year until then we shall be quite a head in this arena.

Many audience from previous years used to complain CAN Infotech is nothing other than the place to sell pen drives, outdated laptops and desktops, promote the ISPs and brand names. They should do something to tell it an IT mela. It should not about buying or selling but about information technology deployment and services in context of Nepal. Selling an antivirus productor a cheap Chinese netbook in an event like this is not good, doesn’t give good sense of ICT to people.

If CAN cannot control or understand the meaning of ICT or Information Technology (referring to selling/buying products rather than the IT oriented services), then there would be no good message to people about it. The time has come in Nepal to stop organizing exhibitions to sell older laptops and pendrives and calling them an ICT Exhibition.
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