Overview of Scholars Space – Nepal's first professional socio-learning community portal

Some youths have come with an alternative learning platform - Scholars Space - during difficult times of Covid19, explore this Nepal's first professional socio-learning community platform and engage in learning alternatives.


Without a second thought, we have not observed a significant progress in our education system since centuries. There has been a want but policy makers have not yet felt the need. Now that, the change in our old traditional educational system and professional practice is a must and an enhancement in the perspective with the mixture of modern technology and innovation is the right answer. Our education system has always fitted in every way to disappoint the learners yet learners are forced to follow the same. In this article, we overview one of Nepal’s first professional socio-learning community platform, Scholars Space, which claims to bring tangible differences in our educational context.

Scholars Space and other alternative educational practices has been today’s demand. Today, in these quarantine days precisely the post-Covid era (hope it won’t be too early to call it so), it seems that our education system has been struck badly letting the students get deprived of education but the actual thing is the other way. Our education system has always been the same and this COVID-19 has just shown its true figures – claims Rohit Senchuri, one of the founders of Scholars Space – who has endeavours for change in our education system.
Scholars Space, a startup effort of of students from Institute of Engineering (IOE) and Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) has started it first step in bringing the certain change by introducing Nepal’s first what they call “Professional Socio Learning Community”

What is Scholars Space?

Scholarsspace is a platform active in bringing Professional social learning revolution in the overall educational sector. This is very different from other online study platforms. It not only provides students with learning experience but also provides a social platform to get to know other scholars and a professional opportunity to set themselves fit for what they desire.

What does Scholars Space do?

This Platform will provide a complete solution of study, teaching, curriculum from 10 up to university level , online presence , Professional connections, talent Showcase and many more . The web and mobile app  developed by Scholars Space Team, is believed to take the traditional teaching style to the modern age. Currently, they are launching their web version and they are focusing towards the app version in the coming future.

Featured services of Scholars Space

The first phase includes beta version of Learnspace, Slidespace and Poddrspace where learnspace will be serving various online courses of different niche, slidespace will be serving slides, pdfs, presentations of various categories and Poddrspace will be serving Podcast made by the team on various on-demand topics. They are expected to be solving problems that current learners are facing while learning.
Immediately after you sign up, you are taken to the Scholarsspace wall where you will experience social learning. Talen showcase and people to connect are of noticeable importance while users can also contribute slides, or become an influencer or even become a podcastor directly inside the Scholars Space platform.
Scholars Space also lets users explore interest on several topics, notably but not limited to , civil engineering, kosis series, the growth, philosophy and spirituality.

People behind Scholars Space

Group of Students from Purwanchal Engineering campus, IOE and IAAS paklihawa together worked hard in this project seeing the constant complaints made by others but no action towards the poor learning and professional practice in the Nation. They did research and trials for about a year and came up with what they are launching today “Scholars Space | Your Professional Socio Learning Community” .
Headover to scholarsspace.com to sign up and share this article with our friends and relatives who might need this online learning approach during these difficult times and for the rest.

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