Spyier Review: The Best Spy App I Have Used


If you look up the internet, you’ll find numerous phone spy applications. But when dealing with a smartphone, you need to pick the safest and the most dependable application since you don’t want any sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, most spyware solutions in the market are just viruses which have been disguised to look like spyware. They end up stealing your crucial information on the pretext of offering phone spying abilities.

So, is there no reliable and secure phone monitoring solution out there?

Well of course there is. The spyware that we have picked for you is not only the safest but is also pretty nifty and gets your job done in a matter of minutes!

Part 1: Spyier – The Best Spyware Ever Designed

The most trustworthy and advanced phone spy solution that I’ve ever come across is Spyier. The software has been in the phone spy industry for well over a decade and during this period it has successfully been able to acquire a dedicated user base in over 190 countries.

Spyier’s reliability is reflected in the fact that it has been featured by several tech-giants like The Verge, Mac World, and PC World to name a few. All these tech leaders claim that Spyier is the best spyware when compared in terms of features, cost, and reliability with its competitor spyware solutions.

Spyier has been designed keeping easy usability in mind, and can thus be picked up very easily by anyone. The tool provides optimum privacy by ensuring that none of the user’s data is stored on its servers, preventing any sort of data theft.

The application has been developed using cutting-edge technology ensuring its smooth functioning without tripping any alarms and giving itself away. And did I tell you that the tool also doesn’t need you to jailbreak or root the target device to?

Well that’s a steal deal compared to most of the other phone spy solutions out there, don’t you think? Read this post to check out the best spy app – Spyier!

Features unique to Spyier

Claiming that an app is backed by positive reviews, is well known, etc. are tried and tested marketing tactics. The real challenge lies in living up to the expectations that it sets.

Spyier has nothing to hide. It offers over 35 stellar features that let you conduct stealthy and remote phone monitoring on any target iOS as well as Android device. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself:

  • Spyier has been developed by a team of expert developers who have made sure that using the application does not make the target device prone to malware. It also does not breach any security parameters.
  • Once set up, Spyier doesn’t need you to interfere at any stage. No human verification is needed, nor are you required to complete any surveys. The app runs uninterrupted in an autonomous manner without raising any flags or giving your identity away. This makes it one of the most stealthy phone spy apps ever developed.
  • The tool provides you with an online dashboard, where the data gathered from the target device is relayed. The dashboard can be accessed from any browser of choice once you’ve registered with the app.

  • Spyier fetches you complete access to the contact book saved on the target device. It also gets you all the call logs with timestamps, along with real-time information on incoming and outgoing calls from the target device.
  • Additionally, the tool is also capable of keeping you updated with any incoming or outgoing texts on the target device as well as the previously deleted text messages.
  • The application can also provide you with the media files present on the target device, even those which have been exchanged using any social networking application.

Other incomparable features Spyier offers include live GPS location tracking with advanced 3D street view, dedicated social media hacking panels (specific to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more), key-logger feature for breaking into the target’s email accounts, and much more.

Part 2: Spyier works perfectly on both Android and iOS

When it comes to compatibility with different platforms, Spyier works best with the latest versions of both Android and iOS. The setup procedure for both environments is slightly different, but the working is pretty much the same.

The iOS version of Spyier is completely cloud-based, and thus, no installation is required anywhere to work with it. To get into the target device, however, you will require the target’s iCloud credentials, which once entered, will enable the application to start syncing with the iCloud backup.

For the Android version of Spyier, the application installation is required. But once installed, it can be easily hidden from the application drawer. Due to its small size, merely 2MB, and the fact that it does not drain excessive battery, Spyier easily goes by without giving itself away.

Following are the steps to setup Spyier:

Step 1: Get yourself a free Spyier account and pick up a suitable plan.

Step 2: Specify the target OS. In case of iOS you will have to fill in the target’s iCloud credentials for the tool to start syncing.

In case of an Android target device, you will have to download the application using the link and instructions emailed to you on the email ID provided during registration.  

Step 3: At the last step, you will be presented with a finish installation prompt. Here once you hit ‘Start’ remote phone monitoring will begin and you will be able to view all data through Spyier’s online dashboard.

To understand the tool and its functions better, be sure to check out its free online demo.


So guys, this is my pick for the most able and covert spyware on the market. The tool gets your work cut out for you pretty easily, without raising any alarms. In my opinion it is the best spyware that I have tested.

According to me, there is no better pick when it comes to finding a solution which will help you keep a tab on someone without alerting them.

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