Now Chat from Facebook Messenger – अब फेसबुक म्यासेन्जर बाटै च्याट

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Facebook Messenger Login Screen
Facebook Messenger Login Screen

Finally after a long wait, Facebook has revealed it’s chat client (currently a trial one) for Windows Operating System. Facebook messenger for Windows is an IM (Instant Messaging) program that let’s you chat with your Facebook friend without logging into the main site. Also Facebook notifications and friends ticker are integrated into this IM client.You can download and test the Facebook Messenger for Windows but remember it is currently in a trial period and you can expect a lot of outages and stability issues while the company make period improvements into this software. The Facebook messengers for Android and iOS platforms have already been popular among users.

Let’s explore some features of the new FB Messenger for Windows. Users need an administrative rights to install and try this Facebook messenger. The messenger client can align itself to the right most side/corner of the desktop windows so that what’s going on Facebook is always visible – if you think it is annoying then you can disable it by clicking a button at the button right of the IM client. Even tho’ this messenger is advanced than the one designed for Android, Blackberry and iPhone; it still lacks group chat and video calling. Maybe they should be coming up with this feature sooner of later.

Facebook Messenger on the top side alignment
Facebook Messenger on the top side alignment

This Facebook messenger is supposed to cut a major portion of IM users from Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger. However, we doubt that maybe not many users be enchanted by the new Facebook messenger and it’s need is not inevitable because Facebook messenger has already been integrated with all major IM clients including Yahoo and WL Messenger. Download Facebook messenger for Windows 7 now!

Download Now!

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