Free SMS to Nepal, WebSMS to Ncell and Nepal Telecom

Many of our friends, visitors and guests including those from search engines are requesting us to list some really free services which allow to send SMS (text messaging) to Nepal. Here, we again list free WebSMS services to send SMS via internet to Nepalese GSM Mobile operators, including Nepal Telecom, Ncell (the former Ncell) – this much for right now. The limit of characters is seen on all the services and some reserve the limit for advertising as well.Nepal Telecom's WebSMS, – one good starting site to send free worldwide unlimited SMS, you can also send SMS from internet to NTC and Ncell numbers. This site is powered and run by
Nepal Telecom’s WebSMS – NTC’s WebSMS features Sending SMS (maximum 10 WebSMS per day from one cell number account), S-Groups, Address Book and Settings, NTC got it a new look recently.
SMS – Sending free SMS to Ncell (Mero Mobile) from internet made easy, visit this site, NOT supported for NTC (screenshot for working sms)
Ncell WebSMS – the Internet Customer Service (ICS) is a part of Spice Nepal’s Ncell service. SNPL features Account status, Tariffs and services, Payments, Requests and transaction results, Scratch card activation (ie you can recharge your prepard Mero Mobile from internet), bill delivery, sending SMS, registering a trouble-ticket. Thus, SNPL’s website is useful except it doesn’t have what is called as the Address Book.
Free International SMS – No hassle, no advertisements, a simple way to send free sms. Go to Kuripo Txt and just enter the number which you want to text. For mobile numbers don’t use the +(plus) sign in front of the number.

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