NAST website hack – another Nepalese Governmental site hacked!

NAST, then RONAST, website seems to be still hacked (we first noticed about 0500 hours today). Though the official governmental website at still says – Welcome to Nepal Academy of Science and Technology(NAST), there is a short hacker’s words on the site, which says:
Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)


is an autonomous apex body established in 1982 to promote science and technology in the country. The Academy is entrusted with four major objectives: advancement of science and technology for all-round development of the nation; preservation and further modernization of indigenous technologies; promotion of research in science and technology; and identification and facilitation of appropriate technology transfer. दुई दुई ठाउँबाट हारेको मान्छे जुन देशको प्रधान्मन्त्री छ, जुन देशको प्रधान्मन्त्री र पररास्त्रमन्त्री एउटा देशको राज्दुतको इशारामा देशको सुरक्क्ष्यामै सम्झौता गर्छन्, त्यो देशको को science and technologyको अवस्था यो “HACK” ले नै पुस्टी गर्छ।


The site is designed by a Nepali web designing company Longtail e-media at Lalitpur. There is not much hampher seem from the user’s side- also the site says New NAST Website Launching soon!!! NAST is soon going to launch its new updated and advanced website in few days.

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