Nepal again Trending in Twitter (May 14, 2012) – #Nepal Trend Insight

Nepal Trending in Twitter, techsansar.comNepal was trending once again in Twitter this afternoon. Because of international media coverage on a small plane crash in Himalayan outskirts (Read: Nepal Plane Crash kills 15 on The Wall Street Journal here) and Nepalese discussing the chaos related with federalism issues must be the reasons for this trend of Nepal in Twitter, the microblogging social site (the first reason accounts for 99% of the trend).

Nepal had been trending in Twitter for atleast half an-hour in Global trends with variation in position of trending keyword worldwide. The screenshot along here is the one captured from the Silicon Valley today (thanks to our friend Daniell for providing this screenshot.)

It is important to know how and why things get trended in Twitter without promoting the tweets or even keywords. Back to last March, Nepal was trending in Twitter because Nepalese twitterers were continuously twitting about Nepal (Read the coverage and analysis: Nepal and Twitter Trends by here). But this time, the trend was not forced, neither did Twitter accept Twits by location-based volume for Nepal.

According to Twitter analytics, more than 20k tweets were generated for the plane crash news in Nepal this afternoon. Whereas the influence factor for the same was more than 220k from the BBC News home page (data provided by topsy, as illustrated here.) Based on this volume of tweets and popularity (interest matching of the social peers) of the keyword “Nepal”, the topic has been trending in multiple locations worldwide (which is not usual since only volume of tweets are generally considered for this purpose specific to interest-based location.)


Analysing Nepal Trends in Twitter,, data by topsy
Analysing Nepal Trends in Twitter,, data by topsy
Update: Nepal is trending in India country-wide for a couple of days now. Because the child artist Tarini Sachdev who acted in Paa died in Nepal plane crash.

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