3 months FREE internet from Broadlink [offer]

Broadlink WifiBroadlink, one of the popular wireless internet service providers, has come up with an offer of 3 months of free internet with purchase of a Signal Booster Kit (SBK) which is priced at NRs 7,499. This three month unlimited internet package is provided at 512 Kbps data rate and is to be used during the 3 months free internet period after the valid purchase of SBK. The unique unified WiFi network of Broadlink is so popular among users who love to get always connected. Broadlink is also popular in sense that their coverage is increasingly large not only in Kathmandu, but in many other cities in Nepal.

So, what is this Signal Booster Kit and why is there free internet offer?

SBK is a device that helps to amplify the wireless signals from the wireless access point (Broadlink’s network) so as to extend the power of signal and the distance of reception consequently. In our another article, “Understanding Broadlink WiFi: FAQs” we had answered a query about signal boosting for Broadlink’s wireless connection.

13. My laptop can not catch the Broadlink’s WiFi signal inside my room, but signal is fairly enough for internet on my rooftop or varanda. How can I boost the WiFi signal to use inside?

If you want to utilize your unlimited data plan from Broadlink, and still have no signal inside your home. Ensure you have signal on your rooftop or varanda, and there is a way out. Broadlink has recently launched Signal booster device in a packaged kit, so called Signal booster kit which costs nearly Rs 10 thousand. Signal booster kit helps you to amplify the wireless signals from outside your home (eg roof or varanda) to inside rooms. You can also connect multiple computers using this kit. However, if you are a techie, we suggest you to go around New Road to purchase WiFi signal boosters (Wireless Broadband Router) which cost around at Rs 6000 only.

While we wrote that article, the cost of WiFi signal booster was NRs 10 thousand. Now it is valued at NRs 7,499. The free Broadlink internet package of 512 Kbps offer for 3 month is valued at NRs 7,695. This means, whoever purchase SBK gets 3 months free internet and owns the kit.

Signal Booster Kit package promotion from broadlink excludes a router
Signal Booster Kit package promotion from broadlink excludes a router

This wifi signal booster kit package from Broadlink contains one C1 device (the actual device to boost up your signal, which is usually hung on outer portion of your building under clear sky to catch to-be-amplified signals from WiFi APs), 25 meter data cable and 6 pieces of RJ 45.


However, what we see is this package is missing a router which should be connected with the C1 to distribute the internet connectivity in multiple ports. Either Broadlink missed this in the package or they want user to to purchase separate. If user has to purchase it separately, then the overall cost comes as the original cost of NRs 10 thousand. Little tricky here huh, Broadlink!

What remains unanswered?

Why is Broadlink selling or promoting signal booster kit instead of strengthening their wifi network signal? Right question. But the answer is they are not wrong. Signal has to be boosted in those signal/interference shadow areas of AP like in your godown or if your house is in middle of many; also you can think of many situations as the one asked in FAQs. But Broadlink might also been working to strenthen their network.

What next with Broadlink, are they going WiMAX or continuing Wi-Fi? This is really unanswered. Since they are already established with Wi-Fi, they might continue so for years. Even we are looking for the answer.

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