What’s in for technology at Nepal’s Budget 2076/77

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And not a new fact, the major objective of this year’s budget is to promote fundamental right of citizens and upgrade economy of developing countries. Here’s the summary of Nepal’s 2076/77 fiscal year budget for the federal government; and we sum up what and how the government has prioritized Information, Communication, Technologies and other younger infra on their list. Let’s find technology coverage of Nepal’s budget 2076/77.

Nepal’s Budget 2076/77 highlights

Budget Size: Rs 15.32 kharba
Current Expenditure: Rs 9.57 kharba (62.4%)
Capital Expenditure: Rs 4.08 kharba (26.6%)
Financing: Rs 1.67 kharba (11%)
Tax revenue: Rs 9.81 kharba
Foreign Grant: Rs 57.99 arba
Foreign Debt: Rs 2.98 kharba
Internal Debt: Rs 1.95 kharba
Inflation to be controlled under 6%This year’s major updates:
Growth Rate: 7%
Inflation: 4.5%
This year has witnessed highest number of tourists visits.
Import increased by double in the first 9 months
2257 branches of BFIs opened this year.
39% decline in workers going abroad
21% rise in remittance

Technologies @ Budget 2076/77

  1. National payment gateway to be promoted
  2. Radio Nepal and NTV will be integrated
  3. Cyber security law will be made more strict
  4. Electricity and drinking water payments to be made fully digital
  5. Nepal’s own satellite will be established
  6. Postal services will be upgraded
  7. Digital Nepal framework to be promoted and will be brought into operation
  8. In coming 5 years all government transactions will be digitized.
  9. National identity card system to be developed and completed within 2 years
  10. Hello Sarkar will be upgraded and brought in all 7 provinces
  11. Company act, banking act and technology transfer act will be amended and implemented
  12. Telephone and electricity lines will be kept underground
  13. Smart cities to be established in various parts of the country
  14. Adequate charging facility for electric vehicles with the initiation of NEA
  15. Engineering staff college to be established
  16. Digitization of all land ownership papers and blueprints within 2 years
  17. Weather radar will be brought into operation with Rs 60 crore allocated for 2 more radars
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