Time to get Application & URL specific Internet package from Ncell

Finally Ncell debuts application & URL specific web surfing packages to fast-Internet hungry Nepalese customers. Starting from daily Facebook package, Ncell is all set to what customers might be waiting for long time to get application-only data plans on their mobile phones apart from normal data packages.

Facebook package advertisement a published in a national daily
Facebook package advertisement a published in a national daily

Lesser cost Internet for Facebook addicts, that’s right. However, neither Ncell has clearly specified the package information nor the print media been successful in transcribing what Ncell mean by the Facebook pack Internet. We have explored the potentials, limitations & possible FAQs of Application & URL based Internet packages from Ncell which might help customers understand what the package is meant for; and how to optimize the usage of the same.  Since Ncell is delivering Internet bandwidth at speed of as much as 7.2 Mbps HSPA+; customers keep on expecting more and more from the telco operator.

What is Ncell Facebook Package?

Ncell customers can buy a separate Facebook-only Internet package from the company apart from their regular Internet / data package or plans. However, Ncell has cleverly advertised the package, as for example, the daily Facebook package contains merely 10 MB of data to be used only with the Facebook. With this 10MB, you can barely browse a couple of pics in your smartphone & tablets say Apple iOS or Android; while text based statuses and ‘likes’ ‘text-comments’ ‘pokes’ can be much more than needed.

Is 10 MB of daily Ncell Facebook Package enough?

We tested the basic Facebook package of 10MB a day each in an iPhone 5S, an Android 4.3 tablet & a Samsung Galaxy IV. In all of the cases, the 10 MB package is not even enough to browse Facebook timeline or more than 2 or 3 times (provided that your timeline includes last 10 statuses in the feed, sometimes a couple of pics, sometimes no pics at all – however pics can’t be made in the exception.)

So, Ncell is just playing around. If you use a Java-based Facebook application in not so high-end smart phones, then 10 MB might be enough. Testing Facebook timeline for random latest 10 statues in Samsung Monte (S5120) mobile phone in Java-based Facebook app, the data is just okay as the pictures are opened in damn small resolution as compared to iPhone and Galaxy IV.

Wait, larger Ncell Facebook package exist too!

Clearly, larger the package subscribed, cheaper is the cost per MB. However, this is really not alluring customers alike. The largest monthly Facebook data pack gives the cheapest data rate of almost 50 paisa per MB, which can be compared with normal 3G data rate with Ncell’s own Internet cost and even NTC’s 3G data rate.

DurationData Package availableValidityCost (without Tax)
Daily10 MB1 day (23:59 hours)Rs 9
Weekly70 MB7 daysRs 49
Monthly300 MB30 daysRs 149

Is surfing with Ncell Facebook package fast?

As of now it is quite fast, like using Facebook with HSDPA speed of Ncell Connect. However, it is under the discretion of Ncell that they might provide a separate (or have already!) data channel & bandwidth caps for Facebook and other application specific packages. (Have a look at user sent screenshot of what Facebook package runs like during loadshedding and peak hour.)

Before you use Ncell Facebook pack….

Facebook not loading properly during Loadshedding (FB package being used, EDGE displayed for 3G is used for other purposes)
Facebook not loading properly during Loadshedding (FB package being used, EDGE displayed for 3G is used for other purposes)
  • You can watch a video uploaded in Facebook but not a YouTube video shared or embedded in Facebook pages. The same applies to images and other media files.
  • All external website links that open from Facebook app will be off-package charge ie regular internet data charges. Customers might fall into serious data charges in these cases.
  • Do note that the package is valid for official Facebook application irrespective of any OS (however, we doubt this applies to latest Windows 8.1 Facebook app.)

Final words on initial app-data pack from Ncell…. This is really an appreciable job done by Ncell, however, looks like their homework is not completed and they are hurried to lunch the pack.

Don’t get surprised if tomorrow Ncell announces another similar YouTube package with daily data of 50 MB for Rs 50 – how many videos do customers expect to view? 1 or even less than (provided average video duration of 3 min & obviously browsing atleast in 480p as NCell runs beyond 3G speed, unless the speed is capped for the application package.) don’t go for advertised per MB rate when you want a fast Internet, just go with your budget & requirement.

Do share your experience or queries about surfing Facebook Ncell data pack.

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