10 ways for better internet browsing through NTC CDMA Sky

Surfing on the internet, the definition has obviously changed. We need fast, secure and cheap connection. Nepal is certainly having problems with this changed – FSC definition. My friend who works on an ISP enjoys FSC but me….. I calculate bytes … recharge my balance regularly … do not enjoy multimedia … do not download/update software…. check mail…. search … chat……
If we have the NTC CDMA phone and wish to connect internet and are not aware of the ways of keeping the unnecessary bytes transfer in control then your wallet is certainly emptying fast.

10 ways to keep your CDMA charges low:

1) No multimedia thru net. Graphics, animation, images, videos, audio; Disable all.
2) Browse mobile pages if available.
3) Use Outlook for checking and sending mail.
4) Search tags should be as small as possible and find your site in first click. Do not go by many sites for one query.
5) Do not delete your temporary internet files and cookies unless it is necessary.
6) Do not log out from sites.
7) Do not make automatic updates on.
8) Do not download files without knowing the size of the files.
9) Disable pop-ups and JavaScript ads like Google Adsense.
10) Use older versions of messengers. They are typically free from heavy ads and so on.
Give suggestions and comments. If u have any idea about the topic then please do post. (Do read Download Video from Facebook without any Software saving your bandwidth.)

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