Nepal’s mobile operators to use common towers

Nepal Telecom has proposed the common towers to operate wireless and GSM Mobile services. This is yet to be finalized with the telecom authority Nepal Dursanchar Pradhikaran.

The common use of a single tower by the service providers or operators will minimize the investment and the increase the efficiency of the tower for mobile signal reception. Also the aura of busy crowded cities like Kathmandu will be maximally benefited if the number of towers do not increase exponentially.


If atleast three mobile operators will share the same tower, the look of the city is going to be drastically changed. The remote villages, on the other hand, will be benefited with higher services. The signal reception will be the best and the coverage area.


Presently, Nepal Telecom, Spice Nepal (Mero Mobile), United Telecom (UTL), STM Communications, Nepal Satellite and Smart Telecom are the operators of Mobile services in Nepal. However, the later ones are yet to commence the work. Most of the companies are willing to share thee tower.


For a country like Nepal, another benefit of sharing a mobile tower is that general public or customers of telecom won’t have to face the problem of NO NETWORK problem during load shedding in Nepal. Thus, loadshedding problem is surely to be neutralized after all the cost per operator will decrease according to the number of operators using the same tower.


Many telecom companies or mobile operators in Europe, Australasia and Americas are sharing the same tower, and hence the efficiency of the network. Tower sharing is going to control number of BTS (Base Transmitter Station) or mobile towers for telecom operators and their investment per tower.

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