Internet connection : UTL or Sky ? Which one to choose.

We cannot say exactly which one to choose to make the internet connections in Nepal among the two CDMA services UTL and sky. This article deals with the good and bad between both the connections. We must look it in several aspects. We are not dealing with the NTC & Mero mobile internet services here, however.

These aspects may be

  1. Cost
  2. Speed
  3. Reliability
  4. Performance
  5. Service e.t.c

Why do I choose UTL?

  1. I surf on net a lot. I do not care about the data bytes being transferred.
  2. I download files, listen music, watch videos…. … .
  3. Yes, the cell tower is near to me and the UTL traffic is relatively low in my area.

Why do not I choose UTL?

  1. I do not surf on internet that much. I only check mails and simple text based sites.
  2. The traffic is much higher in my area . i.e. there are too many customers of UTL net on my area. Which is making my net speed slower than earlier.
  3. I am looking for a low cost internet facility with better speed which I feel it does not have.

Why do I choose Sky?

  1. I do not surf on internet that much. I only check mails and simple text based sites.
  2. I want to pay for the bytes I send or receive on the net. i.e. less bytes transfer more economic. ( Yes, I don’t have extra hundred for internet. )
  3. It covers more area. I can use Sky in the rural parts of Nepal as well.

Why do not I choose Sky?

  1. I do not know how to control the bytes transfer. When ever I connect on the internet the automatic updates start up, unnecessary images, ads and scripts show up.
  2. I do not want to be restricted of the bytes transferred.
  3. I face a lot of connection problems while dialing.

What’s your view point? Which do you choose UTL or NTC CDMA Sky, and why? Share your ideas for conserving and optimizing internet bandwidth in Nepal.
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