सामाजिक सञ्जाल फेसबुक र ट्वीटरमा कति नेपाली होलान्?

बिश्वको सबैभन्दा ठुलो सामाजिक सञ्जाल (Social Network) फेसबुकमा नेपाली प्रयोगकर्ताको संख्या १३ लाख पुगेको छ| औपचारिक रुपमा फेसबुकको आफ्नो प्रोफाइलमा देशको नाम नेपाल राख्ने प्रयोगकर्ताको आधारमा यो संख्या निर्त्योल गरिएको हो| यो संख्या १३ लाख भन्दा अझै धेरै हुन सक्छ किनभने नेपाली मुलका विदेशमा बसोबास … [Read more...]

[How to] View your past Facebook status

You might have noticed in Facebook these days that your Facebook status published a year before or two, on the same day in the right column of FB. There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in knowing what were your past facebook status, and the interactions involved. We have … [Read more...]

Geekmandu – Are you ready to be in?

Geeks, technocrats and all other tech enthusiasts meet up timely in Kathmandu for creating the capital Geekmandu - a center of ICT excellency in Asia. For a few months by now, Kathmandu has been observing many geeky events. From TEDxKTM to BarCamp Kathmandu, from Twitter Meetups to AidCamps and … [Read more...]

Facebook & Twitter via SMS Now in Nepal

Finally, the wait is over for us Nepalese. The real fun and excite of updating your Facebook message and Tweets by sending an SMS is in our reach. These are, btw, not official Facebook and Twitter numbers or services which have been in use since long in many other countries. Sparrow SMS, power of … [Read more...]

Do more with New Facebook Messages

Now, the message box of social giant Facebook is not limited to just sending or receiving updates inside the Facebook interface. The newly upgraded Facebook messages allow users to use FB messages like a complete email solution integrated with Instant chat, SMS (Short Message Service) and File … [Read more...]

Is Facebook shutting down on March 15th, 2011?

The quick answer to the above question is obviously, SURELY NOT, it is just another rumor. Since few days the news about shutting down of Facebook has skyrocketed. According to some sites and latest updates of Jan 8, 2011 Facebook is going to end in March 15th, 2011; users will no longer be able to … [Read more...]