Install Android apps in Desktop [how to]

If you are using Android Smartphone and are in love with its applications and games,  you may want to use it on your desktop too. The other way, even if you don’t have Android phones and you may still like to enjoy its applications. In whatever cases there is a solution, an application called “BlueStacks – app player for Windows” will fulfill your wish. BlueStacks apps might be the great options for people who like to enjoy Android apps in desktop and don’t have an Android phone and Android powered tablet.  All you need to do is download and install BlueStacks application on your PC . This application is for free and you can find it in Google Play. BlueStacks, app player for Windows, is thus one of the best simulators for testing out Android apps.

BlueStacks - app player for windows (full screen mode)
BlueStacks – app player for windows (full screen mode)

After installation, when you run an application it automatically switch into the full screen mode.  At bottom you see the Menu, Rotate, Zoom and all Apps buttons in the center with app navigation and close buttons at either side. The zoom button switches the apps between full mode and standard mode. You can also download additional Android apps from BlueStacks channel. For this click on Apps button and then get more apps.

If you are using for the first time then you have to login with you Facebook account. Once you logged in then choose and subscribe the apps which you want.

BlueStacks Channels - cloud connect for sending apps to BlueStacks App Player on your PC
BlueStacks Channels – cloud connect for sending apps to BlueStacks App Player on your PC

The most exciting and interesting feature of this application is that you can synchronize the apps from your Android device to PC by using Bluestacks Cloud Connect. For this you have to install Bluestacks Cloud Connect apps on you mobile from Google Play. Once you have done with installation, to receive the PIN, open the Cloud Connect page on your PC’s browser, there you find Phone Pin of 9 digit. Now open the apps on your mobile and enter the pin no then you are almost done. Now select the apps which you want to sync with your PC but be careful while choosing the apps because there is a limit upto 35 applications at a time.

You might have to wait for some time for the apps to sync with your PC. When the  process is completed, you can run all your Android device’s apps on your PC. Limits maybe sensor and location aware apps which might search for the same in your local windows. All Android apps will be installed locally in your windows program files folder.

bluestacks cloud connect
bluestacks cloud connect screenshots
Quick links: Bluestacks channel link and Bluestacks Cloud Connect apps Google Play link

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