Review of Microsoft Forms Pro 2019 – Ultimate Survey solution from Office 365

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Survey solutions are one of the needs in enterprise environment – the market currently dominated by Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo is now challenged by Microsoft’s Forms Pro that comes with Office 365 subscription. In this article supported with the video tutorial, we review the early release of Microsoft Forms Pro 2019.

TL;DR Watch the Review video of the Microsoft Forms Pro 2019 here.

Microsoft Forms Pro 2019 release is a simple yet comprehensive survey solution that builds on the current survey-creation experience of Microsoft Forms in Office 365. That is to say that the Forms Pro is not a new solution on its entirety. It offers new capabilities that make capturing and analyzing customer and employee feedback simpler than ever. Your customers or audience can respond to the surveys by using any web browser or mobile device. As responses are submitted, use Power BI reports to analyze them and make decisions in real time.

However, what one should note is that the Microsoft Forms Pro preview is just a preview or early release. A Preview is not considered even Alpha code, let alone Beta. Hence, consider the risk and be ready for unfurnished, not-functional features that are being advertised.

Microsoft Forms Pro includes rich real-time analytics from Power BI to provide summary information and individual results for surveys. It also displays survey insights to help you understand response patterns. You have options to export the results to Excel for more in-depth analysis and delete the responses and invitations.

Main features of Microsoft Forms Pro
Main features of Microsoft Forms Pro

Microsoft Forms Pro Features

Make it easy to capture and act on customer data with Microsoft Forms Pro:

  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Trigger surveys around specific events
  • Collect feedback across channels
  • Embed surveys across apps, web, and mobile
  • Identify sentiments automatically
  • Analyze feedback for impactful insights

However, be prepared with the current limitations and restrictions posed by Microsoft Forms Pro 2019 preview; as you might not get the Business Intelligence (BI) claimed and sentiment analysis based responses and reports. However, Forms Pro doesn’t provide much needed online survey software tool features including multitude of question capabilities, or say as simple as uploading a file.

Whatever may the current status of Forms Pro be, this is definitely a promising Survey Solution from Microsoft with added benefits from Office 365 subscription.

Video review of Microsoft Forms Pro

For more progress on Forms Pro, visit Microsoft documentations here.

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