Why Adsense Stopped Western Union payment in Nepal?

It has been a month that Google’s online advertising program for publisher, Adsense, has stopped payment via Western Union in Nepal. Earlier publishers in Nepal could easily get the payment via Quick Cash service of Western Union, that was rather easy and fast. But all of sudden Google stopped the payment thru this method. We try to learn why Adsense publishers can no more get paid via Western Union in Nepal.
!!! Updated: Google Adsense’s payment via Western Union is now resumed for Nepal (as of Jan 2011), however you must cash out from Western Union agents inside Nepal only.

To digg the matter, let’s be okay with our Nepalese system. Somebody tries to do something new, it goes on for sometime, all of sudden the Government authority or someone with power, efforts to close it down totally.

Google Adsense LogoGoogle said on their Adsense help page: We’re sorry to tell you that due to circumstances beyond Google’s control, we’re unable to offer Western Union as a form of payment in Nepal after this month. Due to regulatory issues with the central bank in Nepal, Western Union has decided to disable the Quick Cash service there.
Nepal Rastra Bank has problems understanding the regulatory processes incurred with the Google Adsense payment. They should hire some international web expert lawyer on this matter (as suggested to TechSansar by some Facebook fans), Nepal seems to have problem with everything. Whatever is new, nobody going to support it. Especially the Government is always the doll, or a page under construction..
We tried to contact the personnel in Nepal Rastra Bank but there seems to be nobody replying to us. We did mail them as well, because it is a Government organization so obviously no response or after the deadline response. We shall update it here.
The publishers were getting paid via Quick Cash and during the transaction each publisher pays the fees to the Government thru local Western Union agent. This way the Government gets the share, or tax or whatever they call it (we aren’t lawyers anyway). However, the Western Union payments are made only to individual payee names, but not to businesses; which clarifies the monetary expressions.
To a ref news: nepalecommerce.com has written on their articleGoogle adsense western union quick cash has been banned in Nepal by the central bank of Nepal. It means we will need to go the same very old process of getting money through check from google adsense. It generally takes month to receive the check and about 15 days to process it. Well let’s hope it will be renabled soon.

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