Get Free VPN Accounts from @Kepard [Giveaway]

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Team TechSansar is back again with yet another exciting giveaway –  free VPN accounts this monsoon season. Get ready to anonymize your connection or get networked with privacy over the web.

You can win free VPN accounts in simple three steps

Premium VPN from Kepard comes with intuitive sleek lightweight app
Premium VPN from Kepard comes with intuitive sleek lightweight app
  1. Comments on this article “why you need a VPN account”
  2. Tweet this article
  3. Stay connected via Facebook page

Use your real email address while commenting on this page, as that will be the account for VPN in case you win the giveaway. Giveaway closes on August 23, 2013 (extended).

What a VPN account is

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. What a VPN does is let you connect to another computer in a way that is one hundred percent secure. When you surf the Internet, how concerned are you about safety? Plenty of people do not even think about all the dangers out there. Surfing the Internet without some sort of protection is like walking through a bad neighborhood alone at night bragging about how much money you have. The point being that there are thousands of malicious people waiting to digitally terrorize you.

Kepard has you covered with best VPN service. This VPN service from Kepard is truly some of the best on the market. Countless businesses trust this service to keep their order information secure. Many individual users also use it to keep their home computers safe from Malware. Are you still a little skeptical? This service is one that is internationally acclaimed. Hundreds of thousands of users in five different countries trust Kepard for their Internet security needs. If you have a company then Kepard has your needs covered.

But Do I really Need A VPN Account

If you want to be safe and secure while browsing the Internet, then you without a doubt need a VPN account. Sure these programs may be a bit pricy for some, but that is why Kepard is giving away three of these accounts to random contestants. What you get with this account is ninety straight days, or three months, of state of the art Internet protection. For three blissful months the winners will not have to worry about their Internet safety once. They will be able to shop online to their heart’s content, knowing that Kepard has you covered with VPN services. Once again, it is impossible to stress the importance of a VPN account to your Internet safety.

The premium VPN service from Kepard comes with loads of features including

  • Premium VPN,
  • High level encryption,
  • hide IP or change IP,
  • 365 days of free trial which is more than enough for most of users,
  • unlimited traffic (connection doesn’t get sluggish) and unrestricted speeds.

Once again this giveaway is sponsored by Kepard – the VPN service provider. Good luck everyone and keep your eyes and ears open for the winners!

Kepard VPN Winners!

The three winners of premium VPN service from Kepard as generated by our system randomly, primarily based on the comments made on this article are listed here. Winners shall contact TechSansar from their same email address which they used for commenting.

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